When it comes to finding a website, there are a lot of different ways to go about it. One of the best ways to do so is to use a web directory. Curlie.org Web Directory is one of the best out there. It is also one of the most well-recognized.

Unlike some other web directories out there, Curlie is completely human edited. That means that real people take the time to manage and edit the site. It is the largest web directory of its kind. A lot of manpower is required to have a human edited directory.

All of the people who make up the passionate team that manages Curlie are volunteers. They edit the directory on their weekends, evenings, and other time off to help contribute to making the web an easier place to navigate.

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Growing the internet isn’t something that happens automatically, it needs to be done with the help of humans. This is part of the reason for the existence of web directories.

It is possible for your website to be inventoried by search engines without the help of a web directory but it takes time. You will probably also have to put in more work.

In addition to helping the internet grow, web directories are also great for search engine optimization. Part of ranking on search engines is how many times your website appears across the internet. Your company name and URL on a web directory count as an appearance on the internet.

Why The Basic Interface?

Don’t let the basic appearance of the Curlie website trick you. It is extremely powerful and plays an important part in the online world. Leaving the website with a basic appearance has its benefits.

  • It is easy to navigate
  • Cost effective for a volunteer based program
  • Easy to maintain
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Formerly DMOZ

Curlie is a reincarnation of a previous web directory, DMOZ. DMOZ was part of AOL and also maintained by volunteers. It was one of the most popular web directories on the internet. Curlie contains most, if not all of the information that was on DMOZ before the move to Curlie.

All of the original information that was on the DMOZ website is still accessible at dmoztools.net. While being a basic version of the content, it is still easily navigable.

DMOZ was abandoned by AOL and it was reopened as Curlie. An open source, completely free, platform.

How Is Curlie Organized?

Curlie is easily organized using a scheme known as a hierarchical ontology. Every website is sorted into categories and then subcategories. This way you can logically follow the directory to find websites of a specific type. Over 3.5 million sites have been inventoried into these categories.

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An example of a category would include Arts. There are 55 subcategories to art alone and include topics such as Animation, Dance, Radio, and Visual Arts.

Why Use A Web Directory

Web directories bring with them a couple of benefits. One of them we already mentioned. A web directory boosts your search engine optimization in multiple ways. It also helps new websites be found quicker.

You also are able to gain more organic traffic from those who use the web directory to find websites from different categories.

Most search engines require that a web directory be moderated by humans in order for it to be considered a trusted source of information. Curlie is one such directory.

If you haven’t already, you should submit your website to Curlie and other similar web directories. Having your website on multiple web directories is better than listing it on just one directory and can heighten your exposure. Your traffic will increase and so can your search engine ranking.

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