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How To Determine The Quality Of An Online Business Directory Website

Customers hear about businesses through a variety of sources.  One of those sources is an online business directory.  When you are a business owner you have to determine what business directory to submit to.  Submitting to the wrong business directory can hurt your business.

Picking the best business directory takes a bit of work.  To help make the process easier for you, we have created a brief guide to helping you determine the quality of an online business directory.

Take A Look At The Website

Determining the quality of a website starts with looking at the website itself.  Take the time to view the various pages that make up the website.  A good quality business directory will look both welcoming and professional.  It will also tend to look modern, like other business websites that you may have seen.

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Signs of a bad website include a large number of typos, a lack of information, persistent glitches, and similar issues.  If something doesn’t feel right about a website you can know that something probably isn’t right.

You also don’t want to do business with a website that looks like it is straight out of a cookie cutter.  This can be a sign that something isn’t right.

Number of Listings

It should go without saying that the number of listings that a business directory has will help you to determine the quality of the website.  The more listings that the website has, the better it typically it is.  A large number of listings typically means that other business owners or managers trust the directory.

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Web Presence of Directory

The number one reason that you are submitting your bussines to an online directory is to get more business.  You can’t do that if the directory doesn’t get that many views and isn’t high in the Google results.  Learn where the directory falls in the Google ranking.

One way to find out how well it will do is to test the website’s presence by Googling it yourself and Googling terms that users would use to find the site.

Business Reviews

There are a lot of websites that host reviews of other businesses.  That includes reviews of business directories.  Take the time to research the business directory on the internet.  This will help you to know how other businesses would rate the directory that you are thinking about submitting to.

You might be dismayed if you see a negative review or two but a few bad reviews among a lot of good reviews is okay.  It is all about balance.

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Check The Cost

Look at the cost of submitting to a business directory.  Most directories will have a similar cost as long as the services are similar.  If a cost is too high or too low, there is probably something off with the website.  Use this to help you gauge whether or not you have found a good online business directory.

You should know that very few websites are absolutely perfect.  Some will offer features that you want while missing one or two that you want.  Unfortunately, this is part of how the internet works.  What you are looking for is an online business directory that does your business justice.  You will also want a business directory that helps you to truly boost your business.

Picking out a quality online business directory is an important part of doing business.  Use these tips to help you find the right directory to submit to.  With submission to a proper directory, you can do more business and get more traffic both online and in the physical world.  These directories provide you with a lot of benefits.  So consider submission today.

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