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How Does Business Directory Submission Improve Your Website Authority?

There are a lot of different factors that go into making your website stand out in the search engine rankings.  Most companies go to a lot of effort to make their business stand out above the others.  But how do you measure your success of your website ranking with search engines?  You need some kind of metric.  Enter website authority.

Website authority, or domain authority, is a term for a scale that was developed by Moz to help rate your search engine results.  It is a 100-point scale that takes into account the various different parts of search engine optimization and website design that Google (and other search engines) use to rate your website.

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One way to increase your website authority is to submit your business to online business directories.  These websites are designed to help people find businesses in a specific geographical area.

Why does submission to a directory help you to improve your website authority?  Let’s take a look.

Building Trusted Links

Any legitimate online business directory is a trusted source for most search engines.  That means when you create your listing you are having your business mentioned on a third party, trusted source.  Not only is your business mentioned though, the listing also has a link back to your website.

Link building is one of the best ways to establish the authority of a website.  The popularity and trustworthiness of an online business directory mean that your listing and link will mean more than having it places elsewhere.  The fact that the listing is just for your business helps to make it even better, because your link will be the focus of the page.

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Most experts will tell you that building good links is one of the best ways to build your website authority.  And they would be right.  It shows that your website is out there connecting with outside domains.

Enhancing Your Search Engine Optimization

Part of your website authority rank comes from how well your website is optimized for search engine optimization.  With this in mind, it is a little weird to think that your business being listed on another website would be beneficial.  However, a business directory listing can enhance your SEO greatly.  And link building like mentioned above is not the only way.

A listing on a business directory is a great chance to connect your business name with keywords.  This is done through crafting a great business description for your listing.  You can insert great keywords that appear naturally.  Then search engines will start to associate your business name with these keywords.  The search engines will also pick keywords out of the reviews that people leave for your business.

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Your listing will also help you to build your local SEO by connecting your business with a specific location.  The enhanced local SEO will also benefit your website authority.

Business Directory Lists

Most business directory websites build lists of businesses that offer certain products or features.  They also build lists of business that are top in certain areas.  Think of lists such as Yelp top 10’s.  This is content that will help search engines to identify your business and website as something that is worth sending users to.

The links on these lists also help.

A lot of building your website authority comes down to getting your business name and link out onto the internet.  But not just getting it out onto the internet, you want it out there on trusted platforms, in a positive light.  The more that it is out there, the higher your website authority will be.  An online business directory listing is one of the best ways to start doing that.