Online marketing is a back bone to the modern business world. So many people turn to the internet to find products and even find their news. Physical marketing has many limitations and while it is still useful, online marketing has far surpassed it. Since it began, online marketing has constantly been evolving.

With the fact that online marketing is constantly evolving, let’s take a look at its future. There is a lot to consider so we will just go over some of the major pieces.

Search Engine Optimization

As time continues to change search engine optimization will also continue to change. More and more ways of ranking content will become available. All of the changes in optimization relies heavily on how quickly technology moves.

One of the factors of SEO that is bound to change is the fact that currently optimization still allows for utilizing unnatural wording and keywords. As computers become even better able to read what we write and interpret it, search engines will start to require that we focus our programming on being natural and even more helpful then we currently are. In fact, keywords might disappear altogether to focus on the true content of a webpage.

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More Personalization

Our likes and dislikes are already on the internet, Facebook is just one example of where personal information can be found. But the truth is that it lies everywhere, from your Amazon Wishlist to your purchase history. Eventually digital marketing will get access to all of this data in order to customize the advertisements and deals that you see.

This won’t be limited to shopping. Your entertainment and news feeds will also become more personalized to meet your likes. All of this will be done without your input. Online marketing software will be able to get all of the needed information from your internet presence.

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Personalization isn’t done to be creepy or even to sell more products, it is done to help ensure that you see ads that are relevant to you. You are already going to see ads, but most of us prefer to see ads that are custom tailored.

Augmented Reality

A lot of companies have been experimenting with augmented reality for their phones. It allows you to add another layer to reality, a virtual one. Games, tools, and more have come out to utilize this technology. People have been considering adding advertisements to this service since it was first thought up. Once augmented reality becomes mainstream, expect to see augmented ads in the world around you.

Augmented reality will also allow you to point your device at a product and instantly learn all you want about it. Including seeing advertisements or samples.

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Non-Digital Ads Will Slowly Disappear

Despite the fact of non-digital ads that have disappeared already, there are still massive amounts of advertisements in the physical world around us. As the future moves on, many non-digital ads will continue to disappear. The pace will pick up gradually as those who grew up without cell phones continue to get older.

Some non-digital ads will be replaced will digital material such as augmented reality, digital displays, and projections. Other non-digital ads will die out completely.

Marketing of all kinds has made large strides in the recent years. The one thing that we know for the future is that the age of the digital ad will only continue to grow and change. Non-digital ads will continue to phase out and become less relevant. Some of the first advertisement to go will likely be newspaper space and similar content.