Search Engine Marketing is also known as SEM. This is a major type of online marketing in which websites are promoted by means of search engines like Google and Yahoo. SEM includes Pay-per-click advertising, content promotion and search engine submission services. SEM deals with the strategies used to enhance website visibility and promote websites.

In SEM, various types of campaigns are utilized for the purpose. These include pay-per-click advertising, content marketing and search engine marketing. Each of these has their own importance. The choice of marketing depends on the type of business, product or service.

Pay per click is one of the main types of SEM in which the marketer places advertisements on specific keywords that point to his website. This is done after assessing the relevance of the keyword. Keywords used for search engine marketing should be relevant and frequently used terms to ensure better results from the advertisements. For instance, if a marketer targets products for teenagers, he should place advertisements targeting terms such as “teenager” and “adolescent”. This will help him get more clicks for his advertisements as these terms have greater possibility of being searched for when a user searches for something relating to this target group. Search engines like Google look for these keywords when displaying the search results.

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Content marketing is another type of Search Engine Marketing that deals with creating content related to his/her products or services and using this content to advertise through search engines. This can be done through blogs, press releases, articles, videos and more. Content marketing has a great impact on the success of a campaign. It helps attract more searchers to websites. Search engines have a special algorithm that helps recognize this type of advertising which makes it an important part of SEM.

Another important form of Search Engine Marketing is pay per click advertising. This form of SEM is relatively new in the market and has only been around for about 5 years. With this form, advertisers only pay when their ads are clicked on by searchers. These advertisers bid on keywords that have the highest competition and they only pay if their ad is selected. Google, Yahoo, and MSN are some of the pay per click search engines.

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Most people go for organic search engine marketing, as it is free and proven effective. However, there are other forms of SEM that may be more helpful for you. Some of these include paid inclusion, placement targeting, and content-based ads. Paid ads appear on the right side of search engines. They are placed whenever searchers type a specific term in the search engines’ search box.