While believing that advertising campaigns only give you an opportunity of advertising success, there are actually some examples of advertising campaigns that really rise above the rest. Below, you will find five advertising campaign examples which have inspired their respective audiences to do something about it. So what are these campaigns? How have they achieved their success? And why should you use the same strategy for your own advertising campaign as well?

The first example of a campaign that has really made a buzz is that of spotify and hashtags. There was a time when social media marketing experts were telling people that the real power in social media optimization and advertising campaigns would be in getting popular and then keeping track of how many times certain keywords or phrases were being searched through various search engines. But as people started to notice that there were far more conversions with advertising campaigns which included social media optimization and hashtags, the two things which were believed to be the keys to a successful campaign, these terms slowly began to fade into the background. However, with the rise of the hashtag campaign, a whole new set of possible business models for advertising was introduced.

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It is also common to see internet marketing campaigns using a very catchy slogan or tagline. Many people may not have even heard of the company, which is selling the product but those who have will certainly know what it stands for. In this way, they will automatically begin to share positive sentiments about the brand. Spotify and hashtags campaigns have successfully given companies the chance to tap into this type of consumer sentiment.

Another one of the best campaigns, which came out last year was that of YSB. This brand, of course, stands for “you could be” and it was created by Yves Saint Laurent. He took the term and ran with it, creating a campaign that included a spot in the top rankings on Google. This was an example of social media marketing campaigns working as they should. The company has also created a number of other campaigns since its creation and many of them can be seen below.

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With a large number of brands coming online every day, budget approval is essential for success. Many people think that it is vital to use ad campaigns which are solely purchased through large marketing campaigns. However, this is not always the case. The most successful campaign creative can come from small budgets, especially if there is no clear-cut target audience. For example, Pantone has worked with brands such as Gucci in order to create unique marketing campaigns.

The next Pantone color to be released in 2021 will be a deep burgundy and it is called #CCGBG. This particular campaign will feature the Pantone color gradient which is used to help make the shades different from one another. A search for this particular shade on the Pantone website will give you all of the information you need to get started in the future of your campaign ideas.

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