Campaign examples of top social networking sites, both in the past and today. In-depth historical breakdowns of what actually made these top social networking sites successful in the past, and major takeaways that you can easily apply to your current social networking marketing efforts. Campaign examples are a great way to identify what worked for other marketers in your niche, and what is working now in your niche. This is also a great way to find out what doesn’t work anymore. It’s also a great way to find out what to do differently to be more successful with your social networking marketing campaigns.

The best social media sites today are in a constant state of evolution. As their user base increases, so does the number of media campaigns they launch, the kind of content that are shared, and the overall impact they have on brand recognition. Here are some examples of how you can use your existing media campaigns to help you gain brand recognition on one or more of these top notch sites.

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Social media is the center of marketing online. Everything from ecommerce companies to large consumer and service retailers relies on it as a primary source of market penetration. When an organization relies on its social network marketing capabilities to expand their reach, the results can be profound. Unfortunately, not every marketer who has access to this kind of marketing campaign creative strategy has the ability to pull it off. A comprehensive understanding of what you need to do is necessary if you want to take advantage of this medium to its fullest extent.

Campaign examples include the ability to launch highly targeted ad campaigns. Some of the most successful companies online make a full time living from creating highly targeted ad campaigns, budget approval, and monitoring the results of these campaigns. This kind of control over the power of your ads is a necessity for many marketers, who are unable to spend large sums of money on expensive ad campaigns. Budget approval is a crucial part of creating effective marketing campaigns. Without it, you might spend too much money on campaigns that will end up being ineffective in generating the kind of traffic you’re looking for.

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Another great example of a campaign that uses YouTube to gain market share and visibility is Friskies, a successful Swedish clothing company. Their video marketing campaign has gone so vital that it has been picked up by major websites like Vimeo and Vice. A campaign can be a great example of how a business with a product or service can take advantage of social video sharing websites such as YouTube to expand their audience and reach new audiences. A smart use of keyword optimization, video creation, and clever campaign tactics, Friskies’ video campaign has set a new bar for online videos, making it a must-watch for all internet marketers looking to capitalize on this unique opportunity.

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There are a host of other examples that can be easily applied to Internet marketing campaigns. These platforms include video creation sites like Revver and Daily Motion, social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and online content distribution services such as You Tube and Google Video. The trick is to find an approach that makes sense for your business. Take the time to think of new ways to create an impression using existing media, or to create a completely new campaign that will change the way your company is perceived online.