Direct mail is also referred to as direct marketing mail, direct mail, flyer, postcard, hard-copy mail or envelope, and bulk mail. It is a way of soliciting responses from potential clients using written communications, which may be in the form of a letter, a document or an advertisement. This method of marketing was popularized during the First World War when organizations used such a method of direct marketing. Today, it is used extensively by many businesses as a cost-effective way to generate responses and promote sales.

Direct mail usually equates to printing formal advertisements in the form of postcards, sheets of paper and leaflets. Such mailings are sent to potential customers or clients on a regular basis, either monthly or annually. The purpose of this form of mailing list is to generate responses from prospective consumers who will hopefully respond to the advertisements or letters. Direct mail campaigns are designed to have a high response rate; however, these efforts can be time consuming and have a low return on investment. Thus, many companies prefer to outsource direct mail services in order to reduce operating expenses and increase their profit margins.

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Direct mail order advertising mediums include postcards, emails, newsletters, catalogs, flyers, booklets and pamphlets. Direct mail order advertising is usually preferred over other advertising mediums because it is quick to produce, can be distributed easily and is affordable. It can also be targeted to specific individuals or to broad groups. Due to its targeted nature, direct mail order campaigns tend to generate more responses compared to other forms of marketing campaigns. Direct mail order advertising also enables companies to save a substantial amount of money on their advertising budget.

Direct mail marketing campaigns can be purchased from various sources. Direct mail companies usually offer a wide variety of mailing lists for sale. These lists are usually updated every three months or so. Mailing lists can be customized according to the needs of the company. Mailing lists can range from one mailing list to multiple lists depending on the scope of the company’s marketing campaign.

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Direct advertising methods include direct mail advertisements, television advertisements, radio advertisements and the Internet. Direct mail and other direct advertising methods are usually used by marketers for the purpose of initiating customer contact with the product or service offered by a business. These methods tend to result in higher direct communication and relationship building with prospective clients. Direct advertising mail also allows marketers to make their products or service known to a wider audience.

Many marketing agencies use direct mail order and other similar direct advertising methods for the purpose of creating personal selling leads. These lead generation systems enable marketers to create and track database of potential clients who might be interested in purchasing a product or service. By using this system, marketers can personalize mailings and thereby improve the chances of generating leads. Direct mail order advertising has been very helpful for all types of businesses.

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