Is Business Directory Submission the Core of Local SEO Strategy?

Just like regular Search Engine Optimization, a lot of different tactics go into building a local SEO strategy.  Among those tactics is business directory submission.  In many cases business directory submission will be the core of local SEO strategies.  These directories provide a lot of benefits and have been around since the beginning of the internet.

Local SEO is the practice of marketing your business to local customers at the time that they are looking for such services.  It plays an important role in the modern world where many people will turn to the internet to find local business to shop from or to hire services from.  Logically business directories would be at the core of your local SEO strategy.

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Why should business directory submission be at the core of local SEO strategy?

List of Luxembourg Online Business Directories

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Business Directories Are Already Localized

Many business directories target a specific area whether it be a country or state.  That means they are already providing a localized service to their customers, associating the business with a specific area.  The listing for your business will further associate your business with the specific area that it is in.

By having this listed on the internet you are building your local presence with this alone.

Helping Search Engines Get Your Information

A business listing provides search engines with all of the information that they need to learn about your business.  From the address to the operating hours, all of the information is there.  This information is then used by search engines to help local searchers find businesses that meet their criteria.

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It is also used by search engines to provide searchers with the information that they want about your business.  No one hates anything more than searching for a business and only finding a minimal amount of information.  Especially when you are a local searcher looking to visit the business.

Keeping Your Information Current

An online business directory allows you to edit your listing and add or remove information as you desire.  That means that if you are looking to update information on your business you can easily do so.  While you could simply update this information on your website, the more places that you update your information on, the quicker that search engines will pick up the changes.

Keeping your information current also helps to build customer trust and provide your customers with information that is helpful.  For example, having an old phone number on your search results will lead people to think that your business is closed or that you simply don’t care about keeping your customers updated.  Neither option is a good one.

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Reviews Matter

Despite what some people think, your online reviews do matter.  When people are looking to do business with a local company, they want to find a company that they can trust and that will provide them with service that meets their standards.  Reviews on a business directory help to establish the trustworthiness of a website.

The keywords found in reviews can show up on local search results when users are looking for a business that meets certain standards or offers certain services.

It is important that all reviews are accurate and real.  Both Google and users can detect fake reviews easily and you will be penalized by both for fake reviews.

Achieving good local search engine optimization ratings is important.  It helps to connect you with customers that are likely to want to make purchases and want to come back.  By increasing your local SEO you will also be putting yourself a step above the competition.  Get started today by submitting your business to an online business directory, the cornerstone of local SEO.

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