Online advertising, also called e-marketing, internet advertising or digital marketing, is a type of internet marketing that makes use of the Internet to send promotional advertising messages to customers in a more convenient manner. The concept of online advertising had emerged from the mid 90’s and has become very popular ever since. Companies have adapted this system to reach out to a larger segment of people through a simple and cost effective means. The online environment has made it much easier for the companies to reach out to their consumers. This means that they can now use the same traditional and cost effective strategies but in a faster manner.

Most of the companies prefer to use traditional and cost effective strategies such as television advertisement, print media advertisement and the likes, but they still opt for online advertising because it is cost effective. Online advertising takes less time to reach out to the market because you can easily get content for your websites, blogs, and even other formats online. Using content marketing will ensure that you get more brand exposure in a quicker amount of time. Content marketing ensures that you get brand exposure in a quicker amount of time. Content marketing involves giving your customers content to read about your company and services as well as letting them know more about you.

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Another option when it comes to online advertising is the use of email marketing. In email marketing, you would only be sending the emails to the subscribers who have given their permission to receive emails from your company. However, some search engine marketing companies may prohibit the use of email marketing to drive traffic. The content included in the email marketing campaigns should be interesting and useful to the subscribers. You also need to make sure that they are consistently updated with your company’s activities.

Search Engine Marketing and Display Advertising are also two of the most common forms of online advertising. Search Engine Marketing enables advertisers to place specific keywords in their ads so that they can be easily found by users of search engines. Display Advertising, on the other hand, involves having banners or graphical ads on different websites. These types of ads are usually used by advertisers to attract more customers. Google AdSense and Yahoo! Ads are two of the most common displays.

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Aside from the types of advertisements mentioned above, online advertising also includes the cost per click and the cost per mile. The cost per click is generally considered the cost of putting up one impression of an advertisement on a search engine results page. The cost per mile is the cost per thousand impressions. Both of these rates differ based on how search engine users browse through search engine results pages and how the advertiser would manage their advertising costs.

There are several factors that should be considered in order for online advertisers to effectively market their products and services on the Internet. First, the advertiser needs to be knowledgeable about the type of products or services he/she is offering. Second, the target audience should be narrowed down, and third the promotional method used should have a good return on investment. Lastly, online advertising should be done with the aid of the right tools such as digital advertising and local advertising.

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