The Marketing Department of a company helps to plan and carry out campaigns which help in achieving the goals and objectives of the company. This department is responsible for the development and management of marketing strategies, communications and public relations. It involves various types of activities like Branding & Branding Management, Communications, Sales & Marketing, Web & E-Commerce, Customer Services, Infomercials, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, PR and Events, Creative Services. These are some of the most vital functions performed by the marketing department and thus it requires a lot of planning and execution to get things done smoothly and efficiently.

Planning and development of marketing department methods can be divided into different stages such as Executive Summary, Marketing Research, Technology & Concepts, Business Plans, Marketing Test Data and finally Management and Planning. Each of these stages has its own importance and they should be carried out one by one and according to the current requirements. For example, in the case of Executive Summary, it should provide the basic information about the company, its history, objectives and future plans. On the other hand, in case of Marketing Research, it should include various strategies related to the market research data, customer analysis, market research, competitive environment, competitor analysis, etc.

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The next stage in Marketing Department Procedures is that of Technology & Concepts. It deals with research and development of new technologies and ways of promoting the same, making sure that there is continuity in operations and growth, in turn making sure that there is a financial return. In fact, this stage is considered to be a strategic one as well as a developmental one. It involves conceptualizing the company’s future, coming up with new market trends and choosing the right kind of products to sell. It also involves testing and evaluating the new technologies and choosing the ones that will be suitable for the company.

One of the most important aspects of Marketing Department Procedures is marketing communications public relations, which includes business units and their promotion, handling customer complaints and queries, attracting new customers and strengthening and promoting existing ones. Marketing communications public relations deals with all the facets of the advertisement, promotion and sales. Marketing communications public relations aims at increasing the awareness of potential customers about the existence of a business unit, its products and services, its prices, and the various other factors that influence its success and popularity among prospective consumers. Additionally, it also deals with handling complaints, counter complaints, and taking corrective action. Also, it promotes and develops consumer loyalty by building loyalty networks, promoting product discounts, providing free gifts, freebies, etc. Thus, it is quite important for any company to hire an effective marketing communications public relations specialist.

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Apart, from marketing communications public relations, another important aspect of Marketing Department Procedures is that of central marketing department, which is basically responsible for the overall performance and planning of the organization. Its main responsibility is to set the benchmark, the performance indicator, and to formulate goals, objectives, strategy and actions required for realizing the company’s vision and mission. The overall performance of the company thus largely depends on the formulated and determined strategies and plans of the central marketing department.

The central marketing department procedures perform the responsibility of developing and analyzing the marketing programs of the company. They prepare and design the annual marketing report, and formulate strategies and plans for realizing the company’s marketing goals and objectives. On the other hand, the nose department takes charge of implementing the defined plans of the Marketing Department. They are also responsible for the maintenance of the strategies and plans, and making necessary adjustments as and when necessary. Thus, both departments work in tandem to realize the firm’s goals and objectives in the form of superior quality of products and services, consistent high quality performance, and sustained customer loyalty.

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