Archive of now deleted twitter account of New Zealand “white genocide” mosque terrorist Brenton Tarrant.

New Zealand Attacker The Great Replacement White Genocide Manifesto File

New Zealand Attacker: The Great Replacement “White Genocide” Manifesto File

The Great Replacement Theory Conspiracy

The attacks on the United States on September 11th, 2001 set the stage for a new world. One where terror would become more common and where tactics changed. It had a second effect. It made people fearful of those who practice Islam. Mainly, those who are of Arabic decent. But there is a theory that stems from before the terror attacks, one that has taken its own toll on the world.

We are talking about The Great Replacement Theory. In 1973 Jean Raspail published the book Le Camp des Saints. This work of fiction pictured a world where people from the third world took over, causing the collapse of what we know as Western Culture. With this book, was born a spirit of Islamaphobia.

That was just the start though. Since the book was published, several other works came out, making Islamaphobia and fear of other races take an even bigger role than it had in the past.

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The Great Replacement itself was born in 2012 when Jean Renaud Gabriel Camus published his book The Great Replacement. In the great replacement it discussed Camus’ belief that people from the Middle East (and lesser mentioned from Africa) were slowly starting to replace those of French ethnicity. He took work from past authors and combined it into one.

Seven years after the foundation for the Great Replacement Theory was put into place, we still see people believing in the idea that Islamic people and those of Arab decent are out to replace the white people. This can be seen in the fact that some predominantly white countries deny access to refugees fleeing from the various Arab countries where they could not find themselves a safe home amongst all of the unrest.

In March of 2019, we saw one of the biggest examples of a someone believing in The Great Replacement Theory. Twenty-eight year old Brenton Harrison Tarrant entered multiple Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand and opened fire. Tarrant wounded over 50 people and killed a good number of them.

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Police also responded to a report of a bomb in a car near one of the scenes. It was confirmed that a bomb was found in at least one car.

Tarrant filmed his entire killing spree on the internet. People from around the world watched with shock as the 28 year old continued to kill people. Many sites have since taken down the video due to its graphic nature.

In addition to publishing the video of the shootings, Tarrant released his manifesto onto the internet. The 74-page document contained jokes and memes, something that is somewhat new to the world of manifest writing. But it also talked about how he understood he was a fascist and his unique views on murder as being a meme.

In his manifesto he describes himself as an ordinary person. An ordinary White person. But people of all colors can agree that Tarrant’s actions were disturbing.

His manifesto made it clear that Tarrant was a racist who believed that white people were being phased out around the world. With a heavy focus on The Great Replacement. He also believed that the people of Islam were starting to replace the rest of the world. He sought to create enough conflict between the races with his shooting that it would put an end to the idea of everyone melting together into a mixed culture.

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He claimed the reason he chose to shoot people is that guns are such a hot topic around the world. The right fighting for gun rights while the left fighting against the right to own guns. In his opinion, the majority of gun owners around the world are white and as such the debate over whether to continue the private ownership of guns would create a bigger divide amongst people if there were a shooting to fuel the fire. What we have seen of Tarrant’s manifesto was edited down by the man himself. He originally had a manifesto that was over twice the length. He wanted to create something different and only changed to his new manifesto two weeks before the shootings that took place in March. Amongst other mass shootings and incidents, it is yet unclear whether Tarrant’s actions will have any bigger of an affect on the world of gun ownership.