In the Mercado La Victoria (Villa in Spanish, literally the City of Lights) of Colombia, the Mercadette Market and Plaza de la Indepencia, known as Mercadette’s” plaza de la Literatura” is a major commercial centre where the main business district is located. The market area houses the leading brands in clothing and accessories from around the world, as well as many smaller local brands. There is also a large area of family stores, bars, restaurants and nightspots. This colourful amalgamation of retail outlets provides customers with a wide range of different establishments. Here we will examine some of the department procedures that are commonly used by Mercadette.

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One of the primary methods employed in the management of the Mercadette Market is the employment of a large number of personnel, mostly hired locally, to perform the various duties required. The main function of these people is to man the Mercadette’s labour market booths. These workers have a variety of duties. Throughout the day they can be seen stocking the registers at both the front and rear of the store. At night, they can be seen Manning the counters at both ends of the market.

The employment of foreign workers in the Mercadette is another important aspect of its administration. Colombia has a large number of unemployed individuals, who consequently seek jobs in the country. These workers are recruited via the NDC, which is Colombia’s main agency for accepting applications for work permits. Applicants requiring sponsorship are often referred to the NDC.

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Another important area of activity involves the collection and disbursement of funds. This is done via the NDC. NDCs in Colombia are responsible for collecting fees and payments from suppliers and ensuring that their payments are made on time. The main way in which this is achieved is through the employment of agents called “servicos” or “emigres”.

The NDC is also responsible for implementing price controls in the market. These price controls to ensure that prices of domestic commodities are kept below the cost of production. In addition, the NDC implements controls over the export and import of petroleum, gas and other products. The NDC can impose various kinds of restrictions on specific commodities.

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The Marketing Department Procedures required by the Colombian National Workers Union (CNU) are quite detailed and involved. A worker must apply for a certificate of registration from the NDC. Once this is granted, the worker will receive the appropriate emigres card, which provides him the right to work in the country.