Unlike TV, radio or newspaper, outdoor advertising is media which can’t be turned off or set aside. Viewers can’t fast forward through an outdoor advertisement like it passes through their environment – either they go to the viewing area of strategically set up screens or they slip through a viewfinder, zooming through a pre-designed webcams viewfinder prism. This means that outdoor media, like radio and television, are constantly changing and advancing. They’re also the media you constantly interact with: for example, radio today is more interactive than it was in the past (for example, you can now listen to live radio anywhere and anytime), while newspapers have always had the advantage of being available on paper at all times and in all sizes.

In order to determine whether your advertising is providing an ‘attraction’ or ‘amenity’ which improves the flow of your interactive marketing process, it’s important to think about where your target audience hangs out and goes during their leisure time. People hang out, for example, at coffee shops, restaurants and public areas, looking for entertainment, dining or news. Your message needs to be directed towards this kind of audience if you want your street furniture citations to be well targeted.

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When it comes to the question of where TV and radio can take you next, the answer is clear: online. As internet usage continues to increase worldwide, internet advertising is becoming one of the most popular strategies used by companies to reach a global audience. On television, you can advertise online only if you own a large, well-developed and popular brand; however, you can’t advertise online if you don’t have a website. Similarly, you can’t advertise online when you don’t have your own app, which allows users to access your content and shop online. These apps are another great opportunity for online television, radio and print companies – and this means that the question of where TV and radio can take you next has been answered.

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Where can the next advertising opportunities lie? Given the huge number of people who hang out at coffee shops, restaurants and public places, it’s very unlikely that any of your potential customers will be looking for anything other than what you’re offering. And inflatable billboards are the perfect solution for advertisers who need to make their messages seen outside the comfort of their living rooms.

In the case of TV and radio, the answer would be outdoor advertising on billboards and hoardings. However, given the huge expense involved in putting up outdoor TV and radio displays, it’s not something most small businesses can afford. Fortunately, many enterprising and motivated entrepreneurs have taken matters into their own hands. Inflatable billboards offer cost-effective and quick solutions for small businesses that want to promote their products or services globally without the risk of excessive government regulation.

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If you’re wondering where TV and radio can take your business next, consider inflatable billboards as your next promotional solution. They’re flexible, relatively inexpensive and can give you access to thousands of potential viewers in any given location. With the help of a professional signage company, TV and radio ads can be setup in literally no time at all. As long as your inflatable advertising is compliant with all state and local regulations, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of out-of-home advertising for a very long time. Contact a professional signage company today for more information.