Print media is a form of mass communication which generates and disseminates information and news to the public through tangible prints. This information and news are usually presented as pictures or images in black and white or color. The most common method of reproduction used for print media is the lithography process. The printing media used includes the following: offset printing, direct mail, digital printing, thermal transfer printing, and lithography. These methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Most of the marketing strategies in print media include placement of ads in the print material, e-mails, and other electronic ways of reaching out to the consumers. Print ads placed in prominent positions have greater impact on the consumer. For instance, placing an ad beside an attractive display of a product can stir up consumers to make a purchase. Most of the marketers use these ads to reach out to prospects and consumers.

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Print Media gives an added boost to the sales and profit margins of a company, as it has a direct effect on the buyers. When a consumer comes across an advertisement in a newspaper, there are chances that he will glance through the print medium. The more often people read newspapers and magazines, the more they are likely to turn to other print sources for buying products. The electronic media do not have this additional advantage, and hence the print media enjoys a higher reputation among the buyers.

Print advertising is mainly targeted at increasing brand awareness. It is used by promoters as a part of their marketing strategies. Most of the print media promotions are used to increase the circulation and popularity of a brand. A print media promotion can include advertisements in local newspapers, national and international magazines, promotional ads in trade journals, posters, billboards, pamphlets, bookmarks, and the list goes on.

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Print media is being used by more organizations than ever before due to their low cost, visibility, and long-term benefits. These advantages are enough to push advertisers to adopt print media more stringently. These days, one can find a plethora of digital advertising options, where they can get their messages across to millions of consumers instantly. However, the impact of printed ads is still very potent. A print media promotion makes a big impact on the consumers and is more likely to convince them to make a purchase or at least consider a product.

Print media advertising gives a strong ROI (return on investment). There are several benefits of using this media, and the quality of the print media ad will depend on the audience targeted. Print ads can be highly personalized in nature, and as such they can be used to build brand name recognition and enhance a company’s reputation. This will help in driving relevant traffic to websites. Whether it is a newspaper, magazine, or online advertising source, a print media campaign will help in improving marketing effectiveness.

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