Creative Development, opened in 2007 by Donna S. Clark. Creative Development, Incorporated is a nonprofit consumer market research organization that helps people in business, education, government and the nonprofit sector to achieve their goals. Creative Development’s core values are: courage, self-sufficiency, empathy, flexibility, authenticity, excellence, and sustainability. We believe in an integrated model of change, working with all stakeholders to strengthen communities and their people. Through our multi-faceted consumer based services, we believe in a positive and comprehensive transformation of lives.

Creative Development works with a network of consultants who share our values and help individuals, organizations, and government agencies achieve their goals. Creative Development has evolved through the years, becoming an increasingly strong and vibrant provider of services that are designed to align the strategies of providers and the strategies and needs of the clients. The consultants work with the clients to identify their creative development needs, develop an integrated plan and deliver tailored services. In this article we will discuss some of the areas of creative development services.

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Early Childhood Development is one of the key strategies of Creative Development. It is important for creative thinking in children to advance their cognitive and emotional capacities in order to unleash their potentials. It is also important for creative thinking in preschoolers and for any child who is an infant or toddler to develop their linguistic abilities. It is also essential for children to have social skills, self-esteem, communication skills and the ability to regulate their anger and emotions in order to empower them. Creative Development provides early childhood development services that address these basic needs of children.

Early Childhood Education and Caregivers workshops are another area of specialization in Creative Development that focuses on the strategies and techniques of creativity in preschoolers. These workshops provide training for teachers and other stakeholders in creative development. It builds community awareness and promotes the implementation of quality early childhood education and care.

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Another strategy for creative development and education in preschoolers is the implementation of educational games and toys. Educational games and toys are an essential part of most comprehensive Early Childhood Development strategies and programs. A good example is the game “I Love Lucy”, which is especially effective in engaging preschoolers and baby toddlers as well as young school-age children. The game engages the preschooler’s imagination and reasoning capabilities which make it an extremely absorbing game and excellent preparation for kindergarten. The main objective of educational games and toys is to educate and stimulate the child’s mind and make them become curious and excited about learning.

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Finally, and maybe most importantly, make creative activities an integral part of family life and activities and family events. Encouraging family fun and games is a proven way of fostering creativity in children. Encouraging creative activities not only makes kids more active and involved in family activities, but it helps them develop important life skills like problem solving and creativity. Creative activities not only engage the preschooler’s mind and make learning more fun and enjoyable, but they also teach important lessons about mathematics, art and science that are essential for their future. Learning and playing with your kids will help them grow up with confidence and positive attitude and they’ll be able to enjoy life’s endless possibilities.