Social media are various interactive technologies which enable the generation or sharing/exchange/transaction of information, opinions, ideas, profession interests, and any other types of expression through virtual networks and online communities. The Social Media is mostly developed for the use on the internet for web browsing and social networking. It is a technique in which two or more individuals or organizations can exchange data, information and interact with each other. This exchange of data or ideas or whatever form it takes can be done totally in real time. The Social Media provides an easy way to interact with people all over the world.

Social media such as Face book, Twitter, My space, etc. are some examples of the social media. The media networking is not only limited to the internet but also found in the forms of the intranet, extranet, wikis, forums, blogs, emails and other communication media. It has found a unique way to make contact with others, to develop personal and professional relations, through a discussion board, video and audio conversations, and many more kinds of media. This is also one way to promote businesses and services locally, regionally, nationally and globally.

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There are different ways to use social media. One can use it to enhance the sales, services and marketability of the products and services. In a business sense, it is a great way to generate traffic to the website, thereby increasing the number of customers who visit your website and make purchases. In addition, the use of the media allows the exchange of ideas, tips, information, opinions, among others. Thus it provides a very unique way to increase traffic to your website and attract potential customers to your business.

The major advantage of using the web-based social media via email, messaging or other sharing modes is that it allows quick and easy sharing of any information, idea, message, or media by members of the network. This helps the sharing of information across networks to reach wide-ranging audiences very quickly. In addition, it allows users to make comments and share links to any content they find interesting or relevant. With such social media via email, it becomes possible to send rapid alerts to your followers on any change in the news, entertainment updates, product releases, and the like.

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As of now, there are hundreds of social media networks, which provide a platform for members to share their opinions, thoughts, ideas, comments and the like. Each network has millions of members who share their thoughts and reviews on various products and services. The new things that are emerging on these platforms, are making these networks a place where businesses can take advantage of growing demand for these new things, by promoting their product on these new things.

One of the most popular social media platforms today is Twitter. Twitter was launched in 2021 and has become a strong force on mobile devices, especially the iPhone and smart phone platforms. As of the latest tally, it has more than one hundred million users and this figure continues to rise, making this platform one of the biggest sources of internet traffic. In order to tap into this resource, businesses can use a variety of tools such as a Twitter search engine, the Twitpic application, and third-party applications that help businesses manage their social media accounts.

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