Creative Development is the procedure of developing creative skills through exploration, creative decision-making and expression. Children normally experience different stages of creative development apart from their intellectual and physical development. These stages are cognitive, communication, imagination, creativity and adaptability. The earlier these skills are developed, the better they are. The most important skills that are developed during the developmental period are:

Creativity develops through exploration and application of available knowledge. It is a practical application of learned concepts to solve problems in real world situations. There are many preschoolers who are highly creative thinkers with a gift for discovering the simplest of objects in our everyday life. They use their imagination and creativity in problem solving situations which make them excellent writers, artists and children’s builders.

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A creative person is imaginative, innovative, and visualizes. He has an exceptional imagination which often results in surprising ideas and ways of doing things. Most creative people are excellent problem solvers, which give them the ability to interact and communicate effectively with others. The more creative interest you have, the more innovative you tend to be.

Children usually explore their creativity during the early years of their lives. It is natural for them to find patterns, pictures, colors and shapes that excite them. They are always exploring and experimenting with new things. They do not rely on received information or conventional wisdom, which limits their creativity. For instance, most kids love to draw cartoons and use stickers and color on paper. If your child is having creative interests and hobbies then he is likely to be a very creative person.

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Parents can encourage creative development in their children by buying them books and coloring books which are full of color pictures and illustrations. They should also encourage their preschoolers to draw what they see and experience around them. Some parents even allow their preschoolers to join in on some educational classes. This will allow them to learn visually as well as understand the meaning behind the images they see.

Playing games and joining educational game groups will further help your little one in developing good qualities such as imagination and creativity. These are the necessary characteristics needed to become a successful person in the world. There are many different preschooler games out there which are designed to increase your child’s educational development while building critical thinking skills. A child who is well-schooled is able to take part in discussions and share his ideas with others. They also are able to express themselves through words, drawings and pictures. Playing these games with your little one will make them stronger in emotional and social areas.

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