A corporate identity is the way in which a company, business or company entity presents itself to the general public. The corporate identity is usually visualized by brand and branding, but it could also encompass things such as product design, marketing, public relations and so on. In layman’s terms, a corporate logo would be the trademark design that gives a company its name and also its distinctive look and feel. The name itself tells the public what the company is all about, while the corporate logo tells this same public within a very small icon and tagline. The two together give the company the identity.

Now, when it comes to the designing of a corporate identity, there are some basic things that one should keep in mind. These are the logo, business cards and other stationery. When it comes to the logo, you can have any symbol that you want and put it anywhere on the corporate identity. You can even customize your logo, for example, to have your own company color or logo.

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Your corporate identity and corporate image consist of everything, starting from the business card that everyone uses every day. Business cards are the first thing that is noticed about you and should be something that conveys your personality and attitude. It is therefore important that you use a business card template that is not only attractive, but also easy to read and understand.

Apart from the business card, another corporate identity element is your corporate website. Your corporate website will help in projecting the image and overall tone of your company. Before you actually order the domain name and hosting service, you should first find out if the company has any experience in the field and this can be done by doing a research online.

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The last corporate identity element is your corporate culture and your social responsibility initiatives. The company philosophy is the base of your corporate governance and this is something that you should uphold day in and day out. You must embody the values and principles of your corporate governance so that your employees and your customers get to know it. The social responsibility initiative is something that you can easily show to your customers and employees so that you gain their respect and trust.

The last corporate identity element is loyalty and the way you reward your loyal and dedicated employees. A good employee is one who shows loyalty and support to his employer and this is something that you should instill in your employees. If you provide them with some valuable benefits and promotions, they will always work harder for you and will be loyal towards your company. A good public relations program and effective loyalty program will do the trick and increase loyalty within your organization.

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