Digital marketing is basically the part of online marketing, which uses digital technology like mobile phones, desktop computers and various other electronic media and social platforms to market products and services to customers. The advantage of digital marketing over traditional online marketing is that the messages are immediately accessible to the customer and they can be changed or deleted as per convenience. Digital marketing is also fast becoming a key player in e-retailing which has seen phenomenal growth over the past few years. There are various benefits of using digital marketing methods over traditional ones like email, search engine optimization and pay per click advertising. The reasons are that the customer does not have to wait for the company’s mail man to deliver the message, they can simply read it on their phone, tablet or computer and contact the company at any given time using various communication channels.

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Online marketing can be divided into two types, there is search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) advertising. In SEO, the website is optimized in terms of keywords so that a website appears high on the list of results when a search is conducted. PPC marketing, on the other hand, involves placing advertisements on various websites. These advertisements are displayed to customers through search engines, mobile apps and social channels. In order to take full advantage of these advertising channels, a company needs to be well informed about the nuances of each medium.

One of the most important aspects of online marketing is the use of social media channels. This is where companies advertise using various online media including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+. Social media is an ideal platform to reach potential customers as it enables people to openly share their views and opinions. A social media campaign can be effectively managed through the use of various tools and software platforms. Apart from this, there are also several third party applications that help monitor the performance of different channels and share information on how they fare in comparison with other channels.

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Another crucial aspect of online marketing and internet marketing is search engine optimization or SEO. SEO is basically a process of optimizing the website, making it more visible to users through prominent placement in search engine result pages (SERPs). This increases the number of visitors, resulting in an increase in sales. Companies who are seeking increased visibility need to consider SEO as a part of their overall online marketing strategy.

Social media is also emerging as a major player in search engine optimization. Many companies are opting for SMO to improve brand reputation, generate leads and attract new customers. SMO is more personalised than traditional marketing techniques. It makes use of keywords in the name of the brand or product to create hype around it. Users also make comments and share opinions about the brand. This generates interest and helps in building a reputation which can help the brand in the long run.

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Online marketing requires quick action. It can be implemented in minutes but requires ongoing maintenance. Companies should check on their SEO strategies on a regular basis to see the effect on their performance. This will also help them spot any loopholes that might be hampering their progress. These online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are continuously working towards making the online world a better place.