Sales are basically activities related to the quantification of the actual number of products sold in a given time frame or sale. In this framework, sales are also regarded as an act. Hence, a salesperson is not really an employee but instead an independent contractor who are paid for selling a certain product or service. This pay is then subtracted from the gross profits during the year.

The number of persons who are employed to make sales has been on the rise in recent times. Thus there are a lot of competition among sales companies and their sales representatives. The salesperson should therefore be capable of retaining a customer and converting that customer into a paying client. The main criterion to identify the best sales representative is based on his/her selling skills. The best representatives have the ability to sell the most number of products or services and also have the aptitude to sell by any means possible.

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The sales process in any business is divided into two functional areas – product or service based and marketing. As business development moves ahead, these functional areas become the main focus of attention of the sales department. It becomes the responsibility of the sales executive to ensure that all the functional areas of the sales process are properly maintained and also compliment each other.

As far as marketing strategies are concerned, these need to be aligned with the sales strategy to enhance the sales performance. Thus the sales team needs to understand the marketing requirements of the company. Sales representatives therefore need to be involved in the process of planning and setting up the marketing plans. There are many companies that have sales executives who specialise in social media marketing. They can be hired to promote the company using social media marketing.

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Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways of attracting customers and increasing the number of sales. These social media websites allow people to interact and communicate with each other. The best way of implementing a social media strategy is to hire a person who has the required knowledge about it and experience in using it. This person can be either a sales executive or a marketing manager. If the sales executive is well versed in the use of these websites, then he will be able to understand the marketing requirements of the company better and plan the strategy accordingly. In case of a marketing manager, he will be able to align the marketing plans with the sales strategy and help the company in achieving greater sales.

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Outsourcing is one of the best ways to improve the sales process. The sales executive should be willing to look out for any new opportunities that may arise and take them into consideration before implementing them. Most of the people who outsource their work are consultants who specialise in particular niches. If you outsource your job, make sure that you get the job done according to your preferences. It is very important that both the sales and marketing departments work in coordination together and achieve the company’s targets and objectives.