Websites are collections of linked web pages and associated data that are identified by a single common domain name and hosted on one or more web servers. An example of a website is the Wikipedia, Google, Amazon, and Amazon websites. In simpler terms websites are collections of links to other websites.

There are many different types of websites. Some popular examples are social media, online business, online classifieds, dating websites, sports betting, and professional services like stock trading and real estate investing. These types of websites are normally categorized by topic. For example social media websites are classified into Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.

Many people associate Websites with professional business. For example e-commerce websites, blog websites, and magazine website. Professional businesses have used Websites for professional marketing purposes in the form of e-commerce websites, web page designing, and article marketing. On the other hand magazines have used Websites as an avenue for attracting new customers. Some of the popular magazines which used Websites include Popular Mechanics, Consumer Reports, DIY, Town and Country, and Zagat.

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It is true that Websites were able to take over the role of all traditional printed media and thereby providing the entire world wide web with new sources of information and entertainment. However, not all Websites are created equal. Some are not designed according to accepted internet standards, while others may contain unwanted content which can harm the users. Websites which have no security measures are often called so-called black holes in the World Wide Web. This refers to those Websites that nobody can find, whether due to poor design or wrong content.

While a few Websites can be safely deleted by removing cookies, this will affect all future Internet searches. To avoid this, it is important that you get a web directory listing service. This will ensure that your Web site is listed on all major search engines. There are many commercial directories available online that do offer such services. Such directories include Yahoo, DMOZ, Allcable, Ezilon, and many more.

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If you have a Web site that provides quality content related to the particular subject of your Web site then you can use one of the free web directories like Yahoo! or Google Places. While using any of these free services, you will need to set your own limitations as to how much you want to put in the listing. This is because if you start creating so-called back links, which are actually spamming the search engines, your Website will suffer from the consequences. By creating quality links to your Website will become more visible to potential customers and this will improve your search engine ranking.

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