Advertising with services like AdWords is a great way to direct new traffic to your website. More traffic means more chances to convert costumers but traffic doesn’t always lead to conversions. You need to make the conversions happen.

Optimizing your website for conversions is a step that every designer needs to take.

Let’s explore some of the reasons that you might not be getting all of conversions that your website is worthy of.

A Lack Of Landing Pages

Sending advertising traffic to a regular webpage or blog is what a lot of people do but that page isn’t specifically designed for people whose interest was piqued by an ad. Instead of directing traffic to a regular page, it should be going to a landing page.

Landing pages are dedicated webpages that are designed to provide information to a potential customer and to act as a call to action.

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Marketers that use landing pages for their campaigns notice far better returns. Why would you waste your money on ads that aren’t doing you anything.

You Aren’t Standing Out From The Crowd

In order to make a conversion your website and/or landing page needs to stand out among the competition. Showing customers why they need your product and how it is different from others is key. Customers won’t convert if they don’t see a reason to buy your product and the importance of buying it from you.

Making Account Creation Mandatory

Studies (and logic) have shown that customers don’t like being forced to make an account on your website just to buy a product. Since data breaches have become a hot topic, people have become a lot more protective of their personal information.

Creating a way for your customers to check out without making an account is essential if you want to be able to keep conversions up.

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Unexpected Costs or Fees

No one hates anything more than going to buy a product only to find extra fees added when it is time to check out. Make sure that you are up front about any costs that might be incurred on the landing page and anywhere the price is mentioned. Customers are far more willing to pay shipping and handling when they know before the checkout process.

Amazon has made it harder to add extra fees onto a checkout process or to not disclose shipping fees until the end of the process.

A Failure To Instill Trust

Many companies take it for granted that a customer will trust their website when they visit. That is far from the truth. Your landing page and website need to give your visitors a reason to trust your company. Establishing trust of your product is also important. Taking steps to instill trust is important.

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Reviews and testimonials are key to establishing trust. Having a clean website with proper formatting and expert opinions will also work to get credibility amongst your visitors. Building up the value of your product will also help your visitors to see a level of trust for your product.

Getting AdWords conversions isn’t something that you should take for granted. You need to work to make it happen. This is similar to every other part of your web design and advertising.

Make the most out of your AdWords campaigns and use these tips to increase the conversions that you make. A good way to detect the reasons for clicks not converting is to simply look at the AdWords campaign from the visitors point of view. This will help you to notice what they aren’t seeing. Have any tips for getting a better conversion rate? Leave them in the comments down below.

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