Print media marketing is a type of marketing that make use of physically printed medium, like newspapers and magazines, to get closer to consumers, business clients and potential prospects. Many advertisers also make use of digital media, like banner advertisements, mobile marketing, and internet marketing, to reach almost the same targeted audience. However, Print media is often considered as a more effective marketing tool in comparison to digital medium. Below are some of the reasons why:

First, a person who goes to the newspaper or to any other printed medium cannot ignore the advertisements. A person, who reads a newspaper regularly, will be more attentive to the advertisements placed there. And chances are, he or she will give his or her attention to some product or service, even if he or she doesn’t intend to buy it right away. And that’s how the advertisers can successfully promote their products and services. Print media offers the advertiser’s a bigger platform to promote their message because of the complete exposure that the printed medium provides.

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Secondly, print media offers greater control over where and with whom the advertisements are displayed. Unlike the online mediums, where anyone can place ads, newspapers and magazines generally limit the placements of advertisements. And it is only those placements that advertisers pay for. They also offer more control over the content of the ads. Unlike the online mediums, for example, where marketers can place their ads virtually everywhere and without any regard to the audience’s interest, newspaper ads are more targeted because of the limited placements.

Thirdly, printed media offers an improved return on investment (ROI) for companies. Compared to the internet, where marketers often overlook some of the most crucial aspects of their campaign, like the copywriting for print media ads, newspaper ads are more focused and effective. This means that they produce more relevant and compelling consumer responses that would result in more sales for the advertiser.

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Print Media also provides a level of trust in consumers. The fact that most consumers have the habit of reading newspapers and magazines and have come to expect the quality of information provided in them, shows that they are receptive to advertising messages printed on these media. While the electronic media is still mostly unknown and largely unpopular, printed media has already established itself as the primary source of information for most consumers.

Fourth, the impact of print media in our lives is enormous. We read newspapers and magazines not only for entertainment purposes but also to gather information and make decisions. And we do use the information and the decisions we acquire in our daily lives. And we are constantly making decisions about the production of cars, houses, gadgets, appliances, food, clothing and the like. All these are possible only because of the widespread use of print media.

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