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XSELL Technologies – Online Customer Relationship Management

Interacting with your customers and potential customers is more than just a learned business practice. It is an art form. Learning to say just the right thing at the right time can make a sale. Not knowing what to say or using the same script every time can cost you a fair number of sales. This is where artificial intelligence can come into handy.

Artificial intelligence is able to analyze conversations with customers in order to determine what influences them to convert and what turns them away. It is then able to offer recommendations to employees on what to say.

This is where XSELL comes into play. XSELL is a leading developer of artificial intelligence for the purpose of analyzing customer conversations. XSELL works in real time to analyze conversations and what exactly is being said. It uses this to provide live feedback to customer service agents, sales agents, and other representatives for businesses. This can be some of the most valuable information possible. The software is able to help an agent when they are unsure of the direction of the conversations.

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While not designed as a training tool, XSELL can help new employees learn sales tactics that are hard to teach. Through using the recommendations of XSELL, an employee learns how to deploy strategic phrases and questions.

Not only can XSELL help you in the moment but it is able to learn from past conversations. By storing and analyzing past conversations, the XSELL system is able to learn how to react to future conversations. It better tunes its conversation abilities and its skills. That means XSELL is ready to adapt to the future. Combine with regular updates, no matter how much the world changes, XSELL will change with it.

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Since 2013, XSELL has been helping businesses with their artificial intelligence tools. That means they have over 5 years of experience in the industry. Experience that has allowed them to grow and provide even better products. But not only has the company had the time to grow and learn but the artificial intelligence itself has grown and learned. And it will continue to do so as time goes on.

One of the moving factors behind XSELL is continuing value. The company wanted to develop a product that doesn’t just work once. XSELL is capable of remembering customers and providing suggestions, information, and other details when you have contact with them in the future. This helps to create relationships with customers that make them feel as if they are cared about. Something that can significantly impact sales. Based in Chicago, IL, XSELL is a private company with under 100 employees. The company was founded by Matt Coughlin and Mark Stoehr. Matt Coughlin currently serves as the CEO of XSELL Technologies and brings with him great experience in working with Fortune 500 companies. Mark Stoehr serves as the Chief Technology Officer and leads both the data science team and engineering team. Besides the two founders, the team behind XSELL includes employees with a wide variety of experience and education. From sales to technology.

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