The Grimoires are the magical items that enhance the power and abilities of the one who does magic from the anime Black Clover. Every grimoire has a certain purpose, abilities, skills and power and most of the grimories which are received by the people have a three-leaf clover on the covers. But in the case of Asta there is five-leaf clover on the covers. The three leaves are a symbol of Faith, Hope and Love while the fourth leaf is for Fortune and the fifth one represents the Devil.

Asta is a wonderful character who isn’t gifted with magical powers by birth but he made up his body by working really hard and reaching the limits of his abilities. He is strong I mean really strong as he can do a thousand single-handed handstand pushups and can punch holes through boulders without hurting himself.

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Another amazing skill he has is his speed, he can move so fast that other magic knights though he used magic to aid his movements and he also has extreme durability. His demon dweller sword has the ability to absorb magic and after absorbing enough magic it can even fire it back.

Asta who is a member of the Black Bull Squad and he doesn’t have any magical powers by birth but he is the wielder of the Five-Leaf Clover Grimoire. Asta aspires to become the Emperor of Magic one day, without even realizing the fact that he has a demon Grimoire. But, there is another twist in the tail as the sword that Asta has looks exactly like the Magic Sword used by the first Emperor of magic to defeat the devil.

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asta transformation

Why Does Asta’s Grimoire Go Unnoticed?

Well, this question has baffled every single fan as no one so far has acquired the five-leaf clover. Asta who isn’t gifted with magical powers by birth receiving such a strong grimoire should have raised some eyeballs but nothing like that actually happened. The Grimoire with five-leaf clover that Asta received while fighting Revchi is of high importance and it is very powerful too. The Grimoire that Asta has is gone unnoticed most of the times by almost everyone and even by Asta himself. On the other hand, the only attention his grimoire got was to highlight the dirty and tattered side of it. Surprisingly no one noticed the fifth leaf because it was so dirty.

Five Leaf Clover Grimoire Theories and Asta’s Future

There are different theories surrounding Asta and it is uncertain what is right or what is wrong. The sword with which Asta fight is the original weapon of the demon inside the Grimoire and the fifth leaf supports this statement too. Also, there is another theory which predicts that both Asta and Yuno will become the Wizard King.

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Asta future is a burning question and everyone wants to what will happen next. Well, so far it seems that Asta at the end of the series will somehow turn his dream into reality but the five-leaf Grimoire puts everything in doubts. As, Asta is such a loving character has a grimoire which is not a symbol of goodness, because the fifth leaf in the Grimoire stands for Evil. There are predictions that Asta will even find more powers as the series progresses. So, Asta’s future is somehow uncertain and only time will tell what will happen to him.