Marketing refers to the actions that a business undertakes to advertise the sale or purchasing of a certain item, service, or product. In this way marketing can also be considered as a process of creating awareness, which in turn can result to the creation of demand. Marketing is done through advertising of the products and services, both, online and offline. The marketing techniques that are being used today are highly competitive. Therefore, it is necessary for entrepreneurs to take effective marketing strategies to ensure their success.


Advertise The core of advertising is to let people know of a product or service. This can be done through a variety of ways including advertising through newspapers, televisions, and radio. Another method includes word of mouth, which is done through consumers. Advertising is not limited to physical means; there are other forms such as the relationship marketing. For example, advertisers use the internet, television, and word of mouth in order to reach out to consumers.

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Social Media The marketability of certain products and services have increased over time. This has given rise to the growth of social media. There are different social media platforms available, which can include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. Due to the popularity of these platforms, online marketers have turned to Instagram marketing in order to advertise their products. However, it is important for online marketers to be aware of the laws in these types of venues when it comes to advertising.

Market Research Before using any type of marketing techniques it is necessary for marketers to conduct market research in order to determine the target audience, their buying habits, and purchasing preferences. Market research is imperative in all marketing strategies, as this will determine the effectiveness of a particular marketing campaign. Market research will help marketers identify what type of consumers will buy their product. It will also help them determine the right advertising method to use.

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Product Development Online marketing can be very competitive and marketers must do market research in order to determine which type of product they should be targeting. Once marketers have determined what they want to target, they must develop an advertising strategy that will be best suited for their product development. It is essential to choose a strategy that will enable them to reach their customers. For product development, marketers often turn to advertising agencies or creative product development companies.

Advertising The impact of online marketing on advertising agencies is often felt in the number of complaints regarding spam emails. With all of the opportunities for consumers to get into email scams, many consumers do not feel comfortable with dealing with marketing companies. It is necessary for marketers to conduct market research in order to determine how likely it is that their advertisements will get into the hands of consumers. In some cases, companies may choose to directly advertise to consumers. This is known as “pay-per-click” advertising and it works because advertisers only pay for consumers who click on their advertisement.

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