Sales are activities pertaining to the quantity or sale of products at a certain targeted date and time. The sale of a product for a fixed price is also normally considered to be sales. In business as well as in life, there is constant activity relating to sales. For example, sales in the car boot trade include the revenue earned from the disposal of used car boot liners.

Businessmen, sales agents, and marketing professionals play a significant role in sales enablement. Without sales, marketing strategies would not be able to generate new business. Sales enablement teams are formed to promote sales. The number of sales representatives depends upon the sales generated by the firm. These representatives are paid on an annual basis. However, in some cases sales managers prefer to hire new representatives on an annual basis.

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A major component of sales enablement is building a strong relationship with the clients. The marketing team should work with the sales teams in order to plan campaigns that will reach their specific markets. Both the sales teams and the marketing team must respect each other and build mutual trust and respect. They must communicate often and must establish a good rapport with each other.

The sales force needs to understand that the target customer needs to be engaged with the product or service, not ignored. To make the target customer happy and to make him want to do business with the company again, sales professionals need to be actively involved in the process. This involvement includes planning effective social media marketing campaigns. The best sales methods are those that generate high quality leads, use good quality personal branding techniques, provide information about the product and service, and allow the prospect to contact the company.

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It is also necessary for the companies to set sales targets. They need to know where they are going, how long they will take to get there, and how much per sale they can expect to make. All departments in the sales process need to understand these targets and they need to share the same goals. The marketing teams need to share the sales plan information too. Without a shared sales plan, there will be a lack of communication between the marketing and sales teams.

Finally, in every sale there is a transaction. Every transaction is either initiated by the buyer or prompted by the seller. If a buyer initiates a transaction he is asking for a service or product, and the seller is offering a product or a service. Every transaction that occurs must be monitored and accounted for. The best way to do this is to use a sales process that automates the sales process, but still allows the buyer and the seller to have control over the transaction.

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