While believing that all-inclusive marketing strategies give you a higher chance for business success, there are also some great examples of viral marketing campaigns that really rise above the others. Below, you will find five marketing campaign examples which have made their followers take action. Here, you will get to see the power of video, a very powerful method of spreading the word.

First of all, you can create some videos about your products, services and the brand that you want to promote. In fact, the possibilities are unlimited when it comes to producing videos as one of your marketing campaigns. The good news is that video distribution services can be hired easily nowadays and the results are so impressive. Once you have completed creating the video, you should be able to submit them to different video sharing services.

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This second example has to do with the power of social media. You have a very efficient way of reaching out to your target market using Facebook. Facebook has almost one hundred and twenty million active users worldwide and most of them are in the United States of America. For this reason, getting your message out there on this social media giant can be very effective. Creating a campaign that revolves around the power of Facebook can be a great idea and you can do this through a contest that makes use of the social media platform.

Next on our list is the use of the Hashtag strategy. As we all know, the hash tag is very powerful tool when it comes to internet marketing campaigns. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook make use of the hash tag in their trending posts. By promoting your campaigns through these two highly popular social media platforms, you are sure to attract attention from your target market even faster than before. When you have created a campaign based on the Hashtag strategy, you need to make sure that you do not miss out on any of the possibilities that you may be missing out on.

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One of the easiest ways to create your campaign based on social media is by creating a Hashtag that contains your company’s name. The hashtag should not be used just for promotion purposes but as a means of bringing attention to your website. You can also use the hashtag in your tweets and you should always try to come up with interesting ways of combining the two. These two marketing campaigns examples can also be easily developed by making use of the Hashtag strategy.

Finally, the last of our list is a campaign that does not necessarily pertain to social media but is actually more about brand recognition. You can make use of SEO and search engine optimization tactics to promote your brand recognition online. This can be a little bit costly because you need to hire a professional to do the campaign for you but when it comes to your business, every little bit helps. Creating campaigns with SEO and search engine optimization in mind will help you build brand recognition through the various forms of media that are out there today.

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