– Ever wanted to work with customers in a digital marketing area and help their businesses succeed while yours earns a substantial income? Becoming a Google Ads Consultant is a great way to do that. However, the process isn’t as clear cut as it should be.

Today we are going to help you start along the path of become a true Google Ads Consultant.

Create An Academy For Ads Account

Before you can begin to do anything on this page you will need to set up a Google Academy For Ads Account. This is where you are going to do your learning and certification. The process can be completed here:

When creating your account it is a good idea to use an active email account. One that you check regularly. The email account has to be associated with a Google Account.

Complete Assessments

In order to become Google Ads certified you will need to be certified in at least one area of the Google Ads product. You will also need to be certified in fundamental knowledge. All of the assessments are free, and you can complete them on the Academy For Ads page.

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Assessment Number 1: Google Ads Fundamentals

The first assessment that you should take is the Google Ads Fundamentals Assessment. In this assessment you will learn/be tested on the basics of working with Google Ads.

Assessment Number 2: Select A Specialization

Google has a number of Ads specialization and in order to be a certified consultant, you need to specialize in one area. There are a growing number of areas that you can specialize in but the traditional areas are:

  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising

Look at the specific tracks on The Google Academy of Ads pages to determine what you will need to take in order to specialize in that area.

Two Quick Notes

Our primary note here is that the Google Ads assessments are not meant to be classes. They are meant to assess skill. Even Google recommends that you take classes in each area and have on the job experience before attempting to take these assessments.

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As a quick side note, it is possible to take all of the assessments but it is a good idea to make sure that you have a firm grasp of every area if you are looking to utilize each section.

Staying Certified

Having certificates that last forever would set Google up for failure as you would have too many consultants that are outdated trying to work on modern Ads systems. In order to maintain the status of certified consultant, you will need to retake all of your assessments any time that they expire. Typically, this is yearly.

Communicating Your Certification Status

Cool, you have this new certification status but Google doesn’t want you to go running around using it willy nilly. They have specific rules for communicating that you are certified.

First and foremost, only people who have earned their own specific certifications are allowed to say they are certified. Working for a badged agency or having people on staff who are certified does not count.

Google certifications expire and when they do, you are no longer allowed to claim that you are certified unless you renew your certification.

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On a more positive note, you may communicate that you have a Google Ads certification and then convey that they means you are recognized as a certified online advertising professional. You can also explain that you achieved this status by passing x assessments.

Want an example of what you can say?

I have a Google Ads certification, which means that Google has recognized that I am a certified Ads professional. To achieve that status, I had to pass multiple assessments that show that I possess product expertise. With this certification I have the power to help you grow your web presence using Google Ads.

After you have your certification, you can use that to either engage in freelance consulting, to work for an existing agency, or to start your own agency. No matter which road you go down, working with a certification will help to establish your expertise in the industry of Google Ads and make your work more attractive to clients. We always recommend that you continue to grow your Google Ads skills to be of best service to your clients, standards change and there is always room to grow. Staying on top of this is how you stay on top of the industry.