Google Ads is a advertising platform designed by Google where you can pay to have small advertisements or other content displayed within a wide network of Google advertising partners. The program has been around for more than 17 years and has been one of the most effective advertising organizations around the world. Websites of all kinds have opted to display Google Ads while people from every industry have paid to have their content displayed.

You may be reading Google Ads and wondering why it sounds different than what you have heard before. In July 2018, Google decided that it needed to change its name. The previous name Google AdWords was partially chosen due to the keyword based system. Google Ads now uses more information to display the proper ads.

I order to determine what ads to display, Google Ads utilizes a browser’s cookies, keywords on page or searched, and sometimes a Google user’s information on certain sites.

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One would think that the massive powerhouse that Google is would have multiple successful streams of income that are about equal. However, in the recent years, Ads has become Google’s main source of income. Over 95 billion dollars of income were generated in 2017 alone.

The services of Ads is available to Ad partners in a Pay-Per-Click method. That means that when a user follows through on an ad, Google gets paid.

Some advanced methods for advertising exist in the form of bidding on cost-per-acquisition. These are expensive options and also complicated. They are not true CPA methods for advertising payment and need more research before you start working with them.

Why would People Want To Display Ads On Their Website?

A big question for website owners, is why they want to display ads. Most big name companies do not use ads on their website so we get used to not seeing ads. The difference is that many of the websites you visit every day do not have a source of income. Most blogs, for example, don’t ask you to purchase something from them.

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Advertising helps website owners to generate a source of income. Whenever someone clicks on an ad, the ad’s host gets a portion of Google’s income. Some websites are able to pay for their expenses with just their ads alone.

What Is AdWords Express?

Not every business has the money or the staff needed to run a huge advertisement campaign, to help smaller businesses Google established AdWords Express. This program is designed to help you get more visits to your website and physical location.

You don’t have to spend any time working on customizing your campaign. All of this is complicated and often requires that you be an SEO expert to fully utilize. When using AdWords Express, Google takes care of all of the planning and keywords.

All that Google requires? Three lines of information about your business.

What About Ad Blockers?

Google Chrome and other web browsers allow you to install ad blockers in order to avoid seeing advertisements. Unfortunately, that removes the ability for someone to click through on an ad. Despite the popularity of these browser add-ons, there is still plenty of money to be made with Google Ads. How is that?

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There are many scripts available to website owners that allow them to detect when an ad blocker is being used. If an ad blocker is detected, a message is displayed asking the user to disable their ad blocker. In this message it is often wise to explain that it helps to fund the content they are accessing. You can also completely block ad blocker users from accessing your website.

A lot goes into making your business successful but one of the most important things is advertising. Google Ads has proven over the years to be one of the best ways to get your website out there. No matter what kind of website you are running, you can generate traffic with Google Ads.

The cost for Google Ads can be controlled based on how much traffic you want directed to your website, making it a valid option for businesses of all sizes. Even businesses without an SEO Expert can participate by using Google AdWords Express. With all of the potential benefit, it is definitely worth a try.