Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the act of enhancing the quality and volume of site visitors to a site or a blog from search engines. This enhances the searchability of a site in search results. It helps a site to stand apart from the competition. SEO targets mainly unpaid, but some paid, traffic rather than targeted direct traffic or sponsored traffic. Site owners or managers should implement SEO strategies for their websites to draw in more visitors.

The major objectives of Search Engine Optimization are visibility and traffic flow to the site. These objectives are achieved by using targeted keywords in content, title and meta tags. Keywords play an important role in attracting audience to the site. Therefore, they should be chosen carefully and should be used with care so as to achieve the desired effect in Search Engine Optimization.

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The importance of meta tags can not be over emphasized. Meta tags help in improving the ranking of the site in search engines for specific keywords. These rankings are based on keyword usage and other parameters. This form of Search Engine Optimization should be implemented by site owners and managers.

The importance of keyword research cannot be overstated. It is important that web pages are optimized according to target keywords. Site owners and managers should conduct keyword research to get an idea of the popularity of a particular keyword and its competitors. Keyword research can be conducted by using different forms of methods such as web searches, forums and articles among others.

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Another important technique that is commonly used in Search Engine Optimization is digital marketing. Digital marketing is a form of Search Engine Optimization that makes use of the latest technologies. It includes elements such as videos, images, RSS feeds, podcasts, blogs, reviews, press releases and websites among others. This form of Search Engine Optimization makes use of new media and is aimed at increasing the ranking and visibility of the site. Some of the benefits of digital marketing include enhancing user experience, delivering more relevant results to users, reaching more people with more customized content and getting more clicks in search engine results.

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Pay per click campaigns are also conducted as part of Search Engine Optimization. These campaigns are usually sponsored by the companies and are conducted to enhance the ranking factors. Paid search results also include sponsored listings in organic search results. However, these campaigns should only be done with the consent of the search engine. They have to follow the guidelines provided by the SEM and they must provide targeted keywords that will help in bringing in the desired traffic.