Radio and Outdoor Media are how DCW acquired its beginning. I’m not sure if you know the first Radio and Outdoor Media were a little radio station dedicated to music. But that’s where it all began. Then suddenly there were radios everywhere, news reports on everything from local streets to world events, and music virtually everywhere. Radio and Outdoor Media are where DCW has been most interested in since its inception. Radio, Print and Outdoor marketing is what DCW has mastered, bought, and specialized in for over half a century now.

The radio business can be a very fickle business, very few radio stations survive, and only a few manage to remain long-lasting. With some luck, some of those that are still around may have been around for a while, and even known their owners. But generally, if you don’t own the station yourself, it will not last long.

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TV is much easier to acquire and much harder to let go of. If you want to get rid of your TV, you’d better find a buyer and fast. The amount of time it takes to sell a TV can take several months to a year, even in the best of circumstances. You are going to have to prove to the buyer that they are not just another buyer who wants to take your home, your belongings, and your money without giving anything back in return. That is not easy to do. Plus, if they don’t buy it from you, it will end up in a storage facility where other people will be looking for a nice piece of property to build on.

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Radio isn’t as straight forward, but it does happen. You have to contact an entertainment agency or company and tell them what you want. They will research everything for you and tell you prices, deals, what works, and doesn’t. It takes time, and it can be expensive. But if you decide that radio isn’t what you want to do, it’s not impossible to turn your radio down.

Another thing to consider when buying a radio is what kind of programming do you like? If you have a lot of Christian-oriented station, you should probably stick with them. Most likely the station won’t change, but at least you will not have a lot of competition. But again, you have to find a buyer for your TV.

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You may find a great deal online, but unless you are a professional in the radio business, it’s probably not worth it. Always trust the experts. Check out all of the options. Listen to radio stations yourself to make sure you don’t have any hidden fees. Always make sure that you are buying from a legitimate company before you agree to buy a TV or radio.