Looking back in time, YouTube has given plenty of people a chance to become creators. Before YouTube the only chance that someone had of getting their homemade videos out was to send them to a reality show or hope a movie company would take the video. When YouTube was released plenty of people took the chance and became Youtubers.


Ryan Burton is just one of those people. Him and his best friend Noah Taitano created LoveLiveServe on YouTube in 2010. Since then the channel has grown to have over 2 million total subscribers and 100 times that in total channel views. Their channel boats over 400 videos.

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On September 18th, 1997 Ryan Burton was born at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. His dad is from Reading, PA while his mom is from Northern Ireland. He has a brother named Andre. In 2015 he graduated high school and then started studying at Drexel University with his YouTube partner Noah. Both of them are studying film.

As you may have noticed in the title of this article, we are talking about Rhino. Ryan was given the nick name Rhino and it is what he is known by as a lot of his fans.

On YouTube the two have produced a wide variety of content. They started out making reaction videos. Now they have content from a wide variety of types, such as: pranks, vlogs, music parodies, and comedy sketches. As time has gone by, they have expanded into new content types.

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YouTube has given LoveLiveServe the chance to take on their passion at a young age. Together they have had the chance to touch lives around the world. Their comedy has made people from every country smile and unite in their fans in the comments section. Make sure to give their channel a look.