Traditional or online radio, print and outdoor media are how DCW had its start. Television, Radio and Outdoor marketing are exactly what DCW Media specializes in, purchased, marketed and specialized for nearly half a century now. DCWMEDIA has more than half a century of experience in television advertising. For people who are new to television advertising, you should know that these strategies worked very well when TV was just starting out. Today the strategies still work very well.

The way that DCW Media markets their business is by focusing on both the radio and television advertising and also target rating and advertising that will be seen on newspapers, magazines, billboards and other advertising venues. The advertising strategies work very well for radio mainly because of the number of listeners that radio stations are normally attracting. Radio is the most reliable advertising option for radio stations because they have listeners who are either consciously tuning in or they are just very captivated by the sound of the radio. Many listeners even turn the radio on when they leave the room to listen to it.

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TV is not as good at drawing in listeners as radio but it is still a very valuable asset for all types of media advertisers. Television viewers are generally watching programs that interest them so it makes it much easier for TV media advertisers to target their audience specifically. There are very limited options and time slots for radio campaigns in general, so it becomes very difficult for radio campaigns to have broad reach. TV allows for a much larger audience to be reached through TV ads.

It is also important for any radio campaign to understand the role that radio plays in building awareness and getting brand recognition. Radio is now considered to be another type of media alongside print and website media, in terms of brand awareness. Many brands are choosing to advertise on TV than their printed counterparts. The reason for this trend is that TV ads are able to create a bigger impact on consumers due to their shorter and clearer messages. Television ads tend to run for only five minutes so it is unlikely that consumers will be exposed to TV adverts for long periods of time.

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As with other advertising media, TV billboards should have clear, unobtrusive designs and be strategically placed so as not to block views of surrounding buildings or streets. Outdoor TV advertising is usually done on raised surfaces like walls, roofs and terraces and they may also be put up permanently. Outdoor TV billboards are not as common as indoor ones. They can also be used indoors, but there are fewer options here. It is more common to see indoor TV billboards outside salons and beauty shops as these businesses usually have their own dedicated television space.

TV billboards, unlike TV ads and digital out-of-home ads, do not have a particularly high CTR (click through rate). However, digital TV ads tend to have a higher perceived value for advertisers because they can be seen from farther away and TV ads cannot be. This makes digital TV out-of-home marketing particularly useful to businesses that have an entire building that could be considered ‘outdoors’. Businesses that do not wish to take their promotions into the outdoor arena may consider placing their TV ads in the indoor arena instead.

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