YouTube has given plenty of people a chance to bring their unique creativity into the world and LoveLiveServe is the same as those others. LoveLiveServe is two American YouTubers who create comedy videos for their audience. They have over 2 million subscribers and 400 videos.

Noah Taitano

Noah Taitano is one of the duo that makes up the LoveLiveServe. He was born on September 16th, 1997 in Washington DC. He has two sisters, Anna and Amy.  As a kid he loved making videos and would use his cheap webcam in order to craft homemade videos. Now Noah is in college studying film at Drexel University. This is just a small bit of proof that their channel isn’t going to go anywhere.

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In middle school he became friends with Rhino (Ryan), the other half of LoveLiveServe. Since then, the two have been best friends and work together to create videos. Their channel was created in 2010 but it took a full year for them to start posting videos. Proof that the two weren’t amateurs. They wanted to take the time to craft creative content that would impress.

Noah focuses on being the video editor and director for the channel. His childhood joy of creating videos gave him the experience he needed to start being a creative on YouTube.

Since the two started the channel they have created a variety of videos. They started out by creating reaction videos and posting them to YouTube in 2011. Their new videos now include scripted comedy, pranks, music parodies, and videos in the public.

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Both of the LoveLiveServe team have been entertainers for 8 years now. That probably makes you feel a bit old. But they have brought plenty of joy to people around the world. The over 200 million views their channel has received is just a little proof of that.