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Healthcare is one of the most complicated services in the world. Every country has their own healthcare system and with much of it being privatized there are still many differences within one country. Questions are rampant in the healthcare industry. Today we are going to answer the question of what a XSELL Patient Engagement Specialist is.

With the answer to this question you will have a better idea of who you are talking to on the phone and why they are so important to the healthcare industry.

XSELL Digital Patient Engagement

Most people around the world don’t like healthcare and don’t know much about their own healthcare systems. This leads to a lot of questions and roadblocks before, during, and after care. The position at most healthcare facilities that helps people with questions and roadblocks is the XSELL patient engagement team. They become experts in their healthcare facility and the local healthcare system.

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Healthcare facilities often state that XSELL patient engagement specialists are key to the success of their companies. Even for non-profit or public hospitals, they need patient engagement specialists to succeed.

Patient engagement specialists are responsible for more than working with patients though. People in this position are also often responsible for looking for medical vendor reps and pharmaceutical vendor reps for the business. A constant goal of this position is to improve the hospital and the tools that it has access to. In some ways it is a sales position.

Another way that patient engagement specialists are sales people is that they are supposed to convey the value of their healthcare facility to both those who call in and those that they call. Some healthcare facilities have patient engagement specialists make outgoing calls to patients to check on them before and/or after visits to provide additional benefit from the facility.

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Depending on the healthcare business that a patient engagement specialist is employed by, their title might be a number of things. Titles for this position sometimes vary because it could fit into any number of healthcare facility departments. From customer service, to patient billing, to admitting.

To help you better understand the job of a patient engagement specialist, it might help to know what the qualifications to be one are.

XSELL Digital Patient Engagement

Not all healthcare companies or facilities can afford to have on staff patient engagement specialists. Many healthcare businesses outsource their work to digital patient engagement specialists that work remotely. These specialists are sometimes referred to as digital patient engagement specialists because they use technology to connect.

Another version of XSELL digital patient engagement specialists is an online portal that answers questions for patients and uses chat rooms for providing service. These positions are typically outsourced. Some portion of this can even be done by an artificial intelligence that is specifically trained for the healthcare industry.

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Some people get concerned when they hear that an automated system or an artificial intelligence will be working within the healthcare industries. These systems have high level security and privacy built-in. Just like the vetting process used for people who become patient engagement specialists, digital systems have to have the same vetting.

Another concern is that these systems won’t be able to answer their questions. XSELL artificial intelligence systems that are utilized for this industry have actually come a long way and are capable of answering almost any question that they are asked. If they are asked a question they can’t answer, they are able to route the person to a live patient engagement specialist to help with the problem. In short, a patient engagement specialist is very similar to a customer service representative for a hospital or another healthcare facility. They spend a lot of their day on the phone or otherwise working with real people. The exact nature of the job may vary depending on where you are and the facility you are in. Like with many jobs, it is a flexible position that may have a lot of different uses.