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Advantages of Dofollow Directory Submission

Web directories are collections of websites that people can navigate to find the right website for the businesses that they want to conduct. Many of these directories list more than just business websites too. What makes these different from a search engine?

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Think of a web directory as the modern version of a phone book. You can search for business names or websites names but you can do more than that. You can view websites by categories and filter them down to find exactly what you are looking for. Directories bring a lot of benefits along with them.

But there is a specific type of web directory that we are here to talk about today. Dofollow directories are a specific type of directory that can help your business more than the average directory. Dofollow refers to the type of coding that is applied to links of a directory.

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Many directories include a piece of code that tells search engines not to follow the links. That means the link from your directory listing won’t do anything for you.

An important distinction to make is that a nofollow link actually requires specific coding to prevent search engines from following the link. All directories need to do to be a dofollow directory is leave out that piece of code.

Now we are going to talk about the advantages of submission to dofollow directories.

Better SEO Benefits

Dofollow links mean that your links will actually be seen by search engines. They will follow the links and include it in results for multiple reasons. One of them being that the link itself will affect your ranking on search engines. Another being that search engines will see your website more often.

When links show your website to search engines it will help them to see your website for the first time if it hasn’t already. That means quick indexing of your website.

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More Attention To Your Business

All of the traffic to the directory and to your website that is gained through the directory submission brings more attention to your business. Attention is key to keeping your business up and running and directories have a time tested reputation for enhancing attention through a number of ways, most of which you will find listed here.

Get Reviews

Dofollow directories, and most other directories, have places for visitors to the site to leave reviews. They can rate what people think of your listing. These reviews will come up when people search for your website in addition to your website itself. That will show searchers that your website is trusted.

Do not pay for fake reviews, but encourage people to leave reviews to boost your website profile.

Associating Your Website With Keywords

Quality directories are great for associating keywords with your website. Think about it, keywords are all over your listing. From your description, to the keywords to help with searches, to keywords in the reviews. In fact, the keywords in the reviews are the best because they are natural. What people actually think of when they think of your website.

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More Traffic

The number one reason to submit your website to a dofollow directory is that you will get more traffic. People visit these websites to find the websites that they want to do business with. If they find your website on the directory they will be likely to follow the link to your site.

With the reviews that people leave it will build up a sense of trust making it more likely that visitors will go to your website. That same trust will boost the likelihood that your traffic will convert. A big bonus for your business.

You will also have much better search engine optimization from the benefits we have listed here and more. Those SEO benefits will further direct more traffic.

Make sure that any directory that you submit your website to is a dofollow directory. Without dofollow you are missing out on a lot of the benefits. And if you pay to be on a nofollow directory you are probably wasting your money. Can you afford to miss out on the benefits of a dofollow directory?

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