An online business directory is a type of online directory meant to help connect consumers and B2B customers with businesses. There are a variety of directories out there and it is hard to know the difference between the different types. What sets an online business directory aside from others? Let’s take a look.

Unlike search engines, an online business directory lists businesses in categories so that you can find specific services or products that you might need. When you search on an online business directory, you only come up with listings that have been submitted to that web directory. The business directory doesn’t go crawl the internet looking for businesses to list.

What Does An Online Business Directory Contain?

A business directory listing includes a lot of helpful information about businesses. Each business is contained in what is called a listing. This listing features, at the minimum, the following information: business name, phone number, address, and website. Just the basic information that one might want to be able to contact or visit the business.

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Some online directories allow you to input more information. Usually to be able to create a full profile you will need to purchase a premium business listing. A premium listing allows you to feature a lot more information on your profile. That can include a description, keywords, pictures, videos, testimonials, and sometimes more information.

Benefits Of An Online Business Directory

The reason that online business directories exist is so that consumers can find businesses that they need. A search engine won’t show you the same level of information as a business web directory will. It also isn’t as user friendly when it comes to comparing different businesses.

Along with the ability for people to find you in the business directory, your directory listing will enhance your search engine optimization. Link building and keyword association are two of the major ways that your online business directory listing will help your SEO. Moderated business directories are the best because they carry a sense of authority in the eyes of search engines like Google.

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Most business directories allow for reviews to be left on the profiles of businesses. These review sections work as a way to show positive reflections of your business. It shows that people trust you. Organic and real reviews matter the most. Both search engines and people can easily sniff out fake reviews.

Free Listing Vs. Premium Listing

We have already touched briefly on premium listings but its important to know the full differences. A free listing features only the essential information needed to be considered a listing. While a free listing might be okay for large businesses that already have a fair search engine presence, they don’t need the same presence.

For everyone else, a paid business submission is the best route to go. For a small fee you unlock a large number of features on the online business directory and your presence on the directory becomes enhanced.

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A premium web directory listing will also come with enhanced customer support and constant updates. Search engine optimization is constantly changing, and the business directory needs to change to be able to accommodate that. A completely free directory will not have the income needed to be able to afford constant updates.

Have you looked at an online business directory in the past? You should look into submitting your business listing to multiple online business directories so that you can start reaping the benefits. Enhanced traffic to your store and website are only two of the things that you will gain.

Without being listed in online directories, people will end up going to your competitors because they aren’t able to find you as easily. There will also be a lack of trust when they don’t find your business’s information present in the directory.

So what are you waiting for? The process of submitting your information is easy and will only take a small amount of time out of your day to benefit you for the lifetime of your business. Just make sure to update the information if anything changes with your business.