Graphic Designers and Copywriters have a lot of things in common. Both are involved in creating unique advertising. The only difference between these two professions is their focus. With Copywriting, the focus is on the message while with Graphic Design, the focus is on the creative process.

Copywriting uses all kinds of tools from words to images. But for graphic designers, there are those who seem to match their needs very well to the tools that they have. If they are able to create both wonderful visual content and powerful text, they are often viewed as more worthwhile to clients and employers. But if you have the opposite problem – you are spending more time on the technical aspects of your job, then you might consider hiring a graphic designer to handle this part of the project. Here are the main tools that these professionals use:

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o Graphics: As mentioned above, graphic designers are often more involved in the process of creating visual content than other copywriters. They are tasked to create images that will represent the ideas that the company is trying to get across. They are also responsible for the overall layout and navigation of the visual content so that people can easily follow the flow of the advertisement or promo. The graphics that they create should make readers’ eyes go from point A to point B. This means that it is important for these professionals to not just be good in words but also in drawing.

o Writing Service: Because graphic designers often have more involvement in creating a marketing material, it is wise to look for a writing service to handle this part of the job. There are a lot of companies out there that can offer writing services to designers. These experts should be able to create compelling copy that will persuade readers to buy the product or service being advertised. Just like graphic designers, they should be able to work well in different settings because this style of job requires them to adapt to a variety of circumstances. Therefore, it is important that you take time to determine who will do the job best for your target market.

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o Persuasive Copywriting: Although the goal of any copywriting job is to persuade readers into taking the desired action, copywriters should also be able to create persuasive copy. This means that they should take care to carefully select terms that will tickle the reader’s imagination in order to turn them into buyers. Even the most professionally created ads or promos will fail if the message does not sound convincing.

o Branding: Although the job of a copywriter is to sell, a graphic designer can also contribute to the success of a business by creating brand identification. In essence, graphic designers help create brand awareness by helping readers understand their target audience. For instance, a business that sells medical supplies would want to build its brand by associating itself with doctors and hospitals. Likewise, a publishing company that advertises its products through celebrities would want to highlight celebrities’ images so that readers will become familiar with them.

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