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Are Online Business Directories Still Relevant In 2018

The year 2018 is here and with it a lot of technology has become obsolete.  A lot of online services have followed that technology.  For business owners they are always looking for ways to build up their business.  One of the options out there is adding their business to online directories.

But with that people wonder if online business directories are still relevant or if they have gone the way of so many other websites and services.  The answer is clear cut and easy.

Online business directories are still completely relevant.  In fact, they are more relevant than when they first came out.

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Let’s take a look at why you need to submit your business to an online business directory.

The Internet Is Crucial

The internet is the first place that many people turn to in order to find businesses.  That means that a wide variety of services and websites are used on the internet in order to locate the businesses that they want to work with.  Having a strong online presence, including online directories that people use to find businesses, is therefore crucial.

Customers Expect It

Business directories are lists of local businesses that you can submit your company to.  When a customer looks through these directories they expect to find every local business in there.  If they don’t find a business there, they won’t consider it for their business.

For this reason alone, you need to have your business in directories.

Building Customer Trust

Customers will shop with businesses that they trust.  The more they trust a business, the more likely they will spend money.  They will also be more likely to return.

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Adding your business to an online business directory will help you to build trust with customers.  The presence on the directory shows that you are a real business.  It also shows that you are committed to bringing in new customers.  Lastly, the reviews left by real people show potential customers that others have appreciated using your business.

Customer Reviews

People are most likely to shop at businesses that have good reviews.  But in order to know how other customers review a business, there needs to be a way for potential customers to see reviews.  Listing your business online allows customers to submit reviews and view reviews from others.

Encouraging your customers to leave reviews is an important part of starting an online listing.  You need to have real reviews for your customers to read.  Just make sure you don’t try to influence your customers to leave fake reviews.

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Search Engine Optimization

One of the reasons that submission to online business directories has become more important than ever is search engine optimization.  In order for your business to appear higher in the Google rankings you need to take steps to get it there.  Part of that is building up links, associating your business with keywords, and just generally building your company’s online presence.

Submitting to an online business directory does all of these things and more.  It is a natural way to build SEO.  Just don’t expect the process to be instantaneous.  Your SEO ranking needs time to build up.  But as you get more reviews and your business is on the directory for longer, it will start to build your SEO.

Taking the time to submit to an online business directory is still an important step in advertising your business.  It may feel as if it is irrelevant but with all of the reasons above you can start to see that it isn’t.  Looking into submitting your business to various high-quality online directories will help to build up your business.