The PBB Otso Adults Big Winner is YamYam.

PBB Otso Adults Big 4:

  • Yamyam
  • Fumiya
  • Lou
  • Andre

List of PBB Otso Adults Housemates:


Yamyam always had a positive outlook in life despite the many challenges and difficulties he has faced. At a young age, Yamyam had to stop going to school so he can work and help with the family finances. The Iskulit Bai ng Bohol still dreams of finishing his studies someday.


One of the most important decisions that Lou has ever made in her life is to move out of their house to live on her own. She became depressed at first and was constantly crying the first few days after moving out. But thanks to the support of her family, the Rampa Sister ng Madaluyong was able to stand by her decision and is now happy living indepently.


Born and raised in Japan, Fumiya is a full-blooded Japanese who came to the Philippines to study English. He became smitten by Filipinos and decided to start a vlog about Pinoy culture, food, songs, etc. This Konichi Wonder Vlogger ng Japan nows has more than 250,000 subscribers.

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Andre’s Filipina mom and American dad met in the Philippines. Then they moved to Hawaii, got married and bore two children. Andre went to Japan to study but got scouted by a talent agent. He has already appeared in several TV commercials and short films. This Amazing Alo-Hunk ng Hawaii came to Manila to pursue acting and reconnect with his roots.

Mark O

Mark’s determination to succeed in life is the result of the challenges he experienced while growing up. His mom died when he was in first grade and his dad moved in with another woman. Mark supported himself through high school and college. Now, this Incredible Itay ng Compostela Valley works as a teacher while trying to be a good role model to his two sons.

Mary Grace

When she was on her first year in high school, Mary Grace experienced a very tragic event. Her father, a fisherman, died when his boat sank. Because of the experience, she learned to be brave and strong, earning her the nickname Inday Taray ng Davao. Fresh out of school, Mary Grace worked as a domestic helper in Hong Kong to provide a good life for her mother.


Half-Filipino, half-Jordanian Hanie was born in Kuwait but grew up in Jordan. He learned how to play basketball, became good at it and was eventually drafted by the Jordanian National Team. Because of his ancestry, Hanie was often bullied by much bigger and taller Jordanians. But the Athletic Cutie ng Isabela chose not to hold grudges against his bullies.

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Thea is the eldest of two sisters. Her mother is a school principal and his father is a seafarer. She took accounting in college and eventually became a bank teller. But Thea has aspirations to enter the field of advertising and marketing to work behind and in front of the camera. The Daring Dalaga ng Bohol is an outgoing person who loves to work with and learn from other people.


Shawntel works as a model to help his parents. She also joins beauty pageants not necessarily to win but to gain experience. Shawntel is a music lover who loves to sing and play the guitar and perform her own compositions. A family misfortune led to her family losing their life savings. The muse-sical daughter ng Baguio dreams of earning enough to be able to send her brother to school.

Abi Kassem

Abi is a Filipina-Lebanese who earned the moniker Kolehiyala Cutie from Isabela because of her good looks and personality. Before joining PBB Otso, Abi has joined a couple of beauty pageants, an experience that developed her self-confidence and made her comfortable to appear on a stage and in front of a camera. 

Apey Obera

Apey was born and raised in General Santos by her mother and her grandmother. When her mother left them to go to Manila, Abi followed but their reunion was short lived because of personal differences. Apey spent most his adolescent years alone resulted in her being fiercely independent.

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Wakim Regalado

Wakim came from a family of lawyers with overachieving parents that had high expectations of him even when he was still a child. Wakim welcomed the pressure from his parents though because it made him a very competitive person who is always up for any challenge. Because of his goal-oriented nature, he has come to be known as the Gifted Go-Getter from Iloilo.

Tori Garcia

Tori has earned the nickname Bombshell Cutie from Singapore because of her pretty face and whistle-bait figure. With a degree in Mass Communications, Tori was already working in Singapore before she decided to go to the Philippines to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress.

Mitch Talao

Even during her childhood days in Lucena, Mitch already knew that she’s different from other boys her age. She has always preferred the company of girls over boys and liked playing with girls’ toys. Her family accepted her for what she is and supported her decision to be a trans woman. Recently, the Trans Mama from Lucena became a mom after her lesbian partner gave birth to their child.

JC Gamez

JC was born and raised in Rome, Italy by his mother who is a domestic worker and his dad who is a factory worker. Life in Italy was very challenging for JC and his family. That’s why even at an early age, JC made a commitment to do whatever he can to help his family. The Mucho Raketero ng Rome has worked as a waiter, Italian tutor, and factory worker and joined local pageants using his good looks, hard work and determination as capital.

PBB Otso 2019

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