The internet is a large place, it hosts countless websites. It would take multiple lifetimes in order to view every website. With this in mind, no one can blame you for not being able to know every website, or every website for an industry. A web directory helps to meet these needs.

What Is A Web Directory?

A web directory is a catalog of different websites that can be sorted. Every directory contains a variety of different websites. These are stored in categories and sub-categories to help make the listing easier. While some web directories are industry specific, others aren’t. There are a large number of these directories online to help make finding what you need easier.

You can think of a web directory as the modern version of a phonebook. It is an online directory of information about businesses and people. Sometimes these websites work exactly like a phonebook. You put in the person or service that you are looking for and it will spit out the results.

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How To Get On A Web Directory

A web directory does not work like a search engine. Your page does not need to be optimized for it, because a web directory does not use bots to go out and find websites. Instead, a web directory relies on submissions from users. That way directories aren’t filled with any old site, they are filled with websites that are filtered, and typically actually are websites that users are interested in.

To prevent spam websites and less than quality websites from getting on a web directory, a good directory will filter out the majority of bad submissions. This is typically done via a two-step process. First, the submission is automatically filtered to ensure that it isn’t a duplicate, fake website, spam, or an inappropriate website for the directory.

The second stage of filtering is conducted by a real person. They verify that the website is real and that it meets quality standards. Not every directory has these features but those that do tend to do better. Better filtering provides for better authority and better recognition by search engines.

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Why Submit To A Web Directory

You may be wondering why you should submit your website to a directory, there are several benefits. The age of the search engine has definitely not made web directories invalid. In fact, for many purposes people go to directories before search engines. Users visiting a directory to find a business is the number one reason to submit. If a user were to visit the directory and not find your business, they might think you either don’t rate a web directory listing or not find your business at all.

A web directory will also boost your search engine optimization. Various different aspects of your listing work in your benefit, such as link building. Having your business name out there will help search engines build up your presence.

But remember, search engine optimization isn’t everything for getting traffic or building your name. The human aspect still matters a lot.

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How Much Does It Cost To Submit To A Web Directory

Submitting your website or business to a basic portion of a web directory does not cost anything. However, free submissions do not come with the same features. Typically, for a free submission all you will get is a basic profile. This will help you be found but you lose a lot of the SEO benefits when you don’t have a premium web directory listing.

The cost of a premium listing varies greatly depending on the web directory that you are trying to submit to. The price of submitting to a web directory is low, and the increased traffic that will start to appear will far outweigh the cost. Especially if you start to convert that traffic to sales.

Make sure that you explore adding your business to web directories, they provide plenty of benefits and will increase your traffic greatly. You will also be findable by more people which will increase your overall presence on the internet. If you still have questions about a web directory, there are plenty of resources available on the internet to help you know that you are making the right choice by considering submission.