A lot of SEO websites insist that you submit to directories as part of optimizing a website and brand for search engines, why is this though? Why is directory submission so important for getting you out there? We are going to examine many of the benefits of directory submission with a heavy focus on the SEO benefits.

Directory Submission is Off Page SEO

You can spend a lot of time making your website perfect in the eyes of a search engine but that will only create so much value for the site. Off page optimization is a collection of practices that aim to raise the profile of your site. Directory submission is one of the most important parts of off page optimization because it sends interested traffic to your website.

It also builds up a thorough profile of your business on another website. Many of the benefits you will see here quality as off page SEO.

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It All Starts With Getting Your Name Out There

A good portion of building your search engine optimization is getting your company name out and around the internet. Having your name on your website is great, but it is even better when it appears other places on the internet. Google views legitimate mentions of your business as a positive thing.

A directory is considered a legitimate source for search engines. You will have your own listing on the directory which means that your page will mention your business multiple times, along with much of the other information that a search engine might need to know.

Link Building

Your listing on a premium web directory has a link back to your website and sometimes, depending on the directory, multiple links back to your website. While Google make look for your business name being mentioned around the internet, it looks for links and rates those as even more important than your business name. A link means that someone is attempting to send traffic back to your website and as such is recommending it.

It is important to note that Google has performed a lot of work into making links be valid only from websites that have some worth. A directory website is one of those sites. That way, users can’t just spam a link to their site around the internet. One of the things that search engines look for is one way links, that way it can tell that the link is not part of a link sharing scheme.

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Connecting Your Name With Keywords

Connecting the name of your business with keywords is important. While the role of keywords has reduced over time, they still play an important role. Without keywords, a search engine wouldn’t be as easily able to connect your business with the various services it offers. It also gives search engines a way to learn about products. Search engines learn just as much from crawling the web as they do from their programs.

Directories Are Also Considered Authorities By Search Engines

Any directory that requires approval and verification before creating a listing is considered an authority. These websites are trusted for search engine optimization above other kinds of sources. The authority method helps to prevent false optimization. Many people have tried underhanded tactics to boost their search engine optimization and Google has fought hard to prevent that.

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Directories Drive Traffic

It is plain and simple that traffic is a good way for your website’s search engine optimization to be boosted. A large amount of traffic shows any search engine that your website is be frequented and there is something of interest there.

Directories help to drive targeted traffic to your website. That means that the people who are going to your website are actually interested in being there. These people are likely to stay on your website for longer and reduce the bounce rates. They will also be more likely to convert. While Google is unable to tell if people convert, the bounce rates are something that it will monitor if you have analytics set up.

Submitting your website and business to a directory is crucial if you are looking to build your off page SEO. Unless you are a major name company, building up your off page SEO is always important. Even if you aren’t submitting to build your SEO, people will still be upset if they can’t find your listing in a directory they are search. The benefits of directory submission are huge and now you know how it can affect your search engine optimization. Now, take this information and get out there to grow your traffic.