Campaign Measurement (CPM) refers to the process of evaluating campaigns as a whole and identifying what worked, what did not, and what can be improved upon for future campaigns. It is vital to the success of any online marketing campaign that metrics be closely monitored and measured throughout the campaign in order to determine what contributed to its success, and what areas need work. Campaign Measurement is therefore an integral part of online marketing management. Campaign Measurement can be achieved in many different ways. However, the most popular and effective are:

* Web analytics tools. Comprehensive web analytics tools are an indispensable part of any campaign measurement program. These analytics tools allow marketers to easily measure search engine traffic, key word’s usage, ad effectiveness, and more through their websites.

* Clear objectives. Before you even begin to measure your online marketing efforts, you need to establish clear objectives. Your clear objectives will guide you to the right track, which will give you a clearer picture of where you are with your campaign. Make sure that your objectives are measurable, realistic, attainable, and quantifiable so that you know what you are trying to achieve. This will make measuring your campaign easier, as you have a clearly defined objective to measure.

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* Social media analytics. While traditional web analytics tools like Google Analytics provide useful information about your website, it does not give you insights into your audience, the messages that are being delivered, and the actions that these audiences are taking. To get a real sense of your audience, it is best to integrate your analytics data with social media networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, in order to gain insight into the conversations your customers are having online, and what they are seeking. Through social media analytics, you can also track the results of your different online marketing campaigns. Also, integrating social media campaigns with your campaign measurement tool will allow you to get a snapshot of your campaign’s effectiveness so you can fine-tune your future campaigns.

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* Campaign Metrics. Campaign metrics will give you the answers to all of the questions that you have been asking yourself since your blog started. By tracking campaign metrics, you can understand how many people are visiting your site, how long they spend on your site, how often they come back, and so much more. Knowing this information will allow you to tailor your online marketing strategies accordingly, which will ultimately prove to be beneficial in terms of conversion rates. With campaign metrics, marketers may not only know which keywords and advertisements are working for them, but they will also know which content is working the best and which advertisements are not achieving their desired goals.

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* Consultations. Marketers should always consult professional SEO companies whenever they are in the process of improving their websites and their online marketing campaigns. They have access to market research tools and analytics that can help you in tracking your website performance and giving you valuable insights into what you should do next. While it is true that most SEO services do offer campaign measurement and consulting services, it is imperative that marketers actually use these consulting services to improve their campaign performance.