The web directories, also popular as subject directories, are listings of websites that are organized into categories and subcategories. Put together by human reviewers they are categorized depending on their subject or genres. Often mistaken for and a substituted term to search engines. A web directory is not similar to it. As the search engines are put together by automated systems and software. Also search engines are not equipped with navigation systems like web directories are. You can include your site in a web directory’s listing by either submitting your site to the web directory by hand. Or if the web directory’s editors come across your website and approach you themselves.

There are numerous SEO experts that vouch for investments in web directories being worth the money. To help you decide whether it will be beneficial for you too. We have summed up some popular views. Providing you with a list of reasons below that elaborate why a paid web directory is worth the investment.

  • Submitting to a web directory would mean that you have a permanent text link to your website. The link with a specific anchor text will help your website become more visible in search results. Search engines can also easily find your website through these links allowing your website to be indexed more regularly.
  • Paid web directories are ideal to help you find potential link partners. For example on web directories like Yahoo, there are detailed listing categories available that allow you to find and link with websites that are related to your website or type of market.
  • With web directories being extremely popular, it can be hard to identify quality content. But with paid web directories, your website gets listed in a high-quality human-edited listing that can be trusted.
  • You get to improve your SEO rankings with web directories that have a barrier to entry, aka a payment. Submitting to free of cost and random web directories can seriously damage your SEO ranking. As some web directories sell links with the help of text link brokers. This makes website links lose their significance in search engines.
  • A paid web directory not only directs traffic to your website. But you get to gain a quality link that asserts authority and can benefit your websites enormously. With some web directory listings you get to have a link displayed on top of the page attracting immediate attention and as a result more traffic.
  • Paid web directories include reviews of your website too. These reviews not only allow the web directory itself to make sure only quality websites are listed. But you get to benefit from the trust and authority that it asserts, earned for you by the web directory.
  • Paid web directories also provide search term advantages. As well as directing quality traffic to your website, these directories help boost search terms.
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Paid online web directories can have numerous benefits for your business. If you have not listed on any web directory yet, you must and see for yourself what a difference it can make.