Business directories and web directories are two important parts of the internet. They have both been around for a long time now, and play a big role in business on the internet. While the two terms may be used as if they were the same, they aren’t. What exactly makes these two terms different?

Let’s explore the exact difference.

What Is A Web Directory?

The simplest answer to the question is that a web directory is a list or catalog of internet links. Only the barest minimum information is stored in a web directory. It focuses only on the website portion of a business. Web directories are typically not sortable by where the business is located.

Unlike search engines, a web directory typically is handled by humans. A computer does not go out around the internet taking in information about different websites. This is the main separator of a web directory and a search engine.

Web directories are often stored based on categories to help you find a specific part of the directory quicker. For example, business types.

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A web directory might appear to be a search engine as it will offer you the same ability to locate a business by searching for the website. Then it will pull up a link to that business on the internet. Some web directories allow you to browse the directory in order to find the results that you are looking for.

What Is A Business Directory?

Unlike a web directory, a business directory focuses on connecting people with businesses as a whole. On many business directories you can find all of the information that you need to know about a business. From their address to their phone number, and of course, their website.

Typically, a business directory is focused on some niche group such as listing businesses by location or type of business. Sometimes you can find business directories that get more technical such as listing by a business size or by a subset of another category. Many business directories feature local listings to help visitors find businesses near them.

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A business directory can either be an online directory or a printed listing. You might think of the Yellow Pages when you think of printed directories.

Different types of directories exist in order to help customers find specific categories and areas. The most common type of business directory is one dedicated to a specific area.

Business directories often have two options when submitting your business: free and premium. A free listing only contains the basic information about your business. Your user account will also only have the basic features. A premium listing contains all of the information a directory will let you input about your business.

A premium listing on a business directory also allows you to support the directory so that they have the funds they need to update their features and SEO when needed. A free directory doesn’t have this ability because it costs money to keep websites up-to-date.

Both types of directories have their own purpose. If you are mainly focused on online business, you would want to focus on web directories. Businesses who have a heavy physical presence, might want to look at a business directory. Occasionally, you will want to use both in order to get full coverage.

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Submitting your information to either type of directory is a great way to start building your business’s (or website’s) presence on the internet. Both will help with search engine optimization which is crucial in the digital age. You will also have business come to you naturally through these directories. Not being listed in directories can actually hurt you.

If you really want to start getting business for your business, start submitting your information to directories today. Make sure to look for the best directories out there so that you can get the most benefits from your submissions. Make sure to read some of our other articles about business directories so that you can learn the benefits and more about submitting your information.