A business listing is an online listing that was popularized during the conception of the internet and has maintained both is relevance and helpfulness over the years. In fact, the importance of a business listing has increased. You have probably heard the term business listing thrown around, along with a variety of similar terms. So what exactly is a business listing?

Business listings are entries on websites that are specifically designed to help people find a business or service. Following common sense, these websites are then titled business directories. These websites have been around since the beginning of the internet and function differently from a search engine.

A search engine digs around the internet using bots (computers) and looks for websites. When it finds a website, it inventories the pages and images, then connects them with keywords. All of this is done with little to no interaction from a person. The process is automated and that is part of the reason why SEO is so important.

However, a business directory consists of business listings that are submitted by the businesses themselves. These listings often contain more factual and up-to-date information than a search engine because the business owners (or their representatives) put the information in themselves. A business owner is actually invested and directly involved. Search engines are further out of the control of a business owner.

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Why would you submit your business to a business listing? The simple answer is because it will help you get both traffic and sales. Two of the most important things for a business.

A business listing directs people to both your business website and physical location. Information for both of these needs to be included in the listing. It is an important requirement of a directory to have the proper information. The minimum included should be:

  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Business Phone Number
  • Business Website

What other information can you submit? The exact additional information that you can submit will vary between directories but it often includes at least some of the following content:

  • Business Description
  • Business Hours
  • Business Photos
  • Business Videos
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Your business listing online will also help to boost your search engine optimization. That is part of the reason that you want as much information in your profile as possible. Multiple different aspects of the directory listing will help to build your SEO. From the presence of an external link to the mention of the link in connection with your name, and so on.

Business directories are considered authority websites, which means that they hold far more weight for search engine optimization than your average website. This is only true if the web directory that you are looking at has a vetting process and if it is monitored. Most automated business directories do not qualify as an authority.

While some directories take a little more work, submitting your information to a web directory is relatively simple. You visit the website and click the area to submit your information. Input all of the information possible. This helps associate your listing with keywords, but it does more than that.

The real purpose of a business listing is to help both consumer and business customers, not just to attract search engines or bots. People turn to directories to find the businesses they need. In order for your business to even be in the running, it won’t be found.

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Various different types of business directories exist and this is part of the reason that they are still so relevant. Some directories focus on specific businesses and others focus on specific areas. Some are just general link directories. Submitting your business to multiple types of directories helps to cover all of your bases.

A premium business listing is an important part of getting traffic to your business. In fact, it is an essential part of doing business. Submitting your business to a business listing is simple and easy. You will barely spend minutes getting your business out there. Minutes for more business? No hard decision there. The listing will also benefit your SEO which is how most of your online traffic will get to your website.