List of Business Directories in Brunei

Impact of Business Directory Submission on SEO

There are many reasons that you might want to submit your business to an online business directory.  Each reason makes it even more important to submit your company.  One of the important reasons that you want to make a submission to a directory is the impact that the listing will have on your search engine optimization, or SEO.

How exactly do business directory listings affect SEO?

Greater Online Presence

It should pretty much go without saying that the more that your business is on the internet, the better the results will be in a search engine.  Just by having your business listed, along with information about it, will help to build your online presence.

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This is one of the greatest SEO features that you will find in relation to business directories.  It is similar to the idea that you need to get your name out there more.

Keyword Connection

Keywords may play a slightly lesser role in search engine optimization than they used to be but they are still among the most crucial of search engine optimization features.  When your business is listed on a business directory you are given the option to connect your business with even more keywords.

Keywords take the form of your description for the most part on a business directory.  However, all of the reviews that people leave for you also have the ability to boost your keywords.

Make sure that any use of keywords on your online business directory listing is kept natural.  Google now looks for keywords that are utilized in a natural way.  The idea behind this is Google prefers helpful content over content that is just meant to boost your search engine results.

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Link Building

A part of your business directory listing should include a link to your website.  That means that you will have another path that people can follow to get to your website.  The link on the business directory might actually carry more weight than links found elsewhere.  This is because the business directory will tend to carry a level of authority with it that a blog or another source doesn’t.

It is also a natural deployment of your link which matters to Google.  Again, Google is all about keeping your optimization reading naturally.

Building Trust

Google builds lists of trusted websites that link to others.  That means a good business directory is a trusted site in the eyes of Google.  Trust is built trough good reputations.   Having a listing in a trusted directory means that you are building the trust of your own website.  The more trusted a website is, the better its ranking will be.

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A business directory with a submission process that requires approval before posting is important.  Otherwise the directory will have a far less trusted ranking.


Some of search engine optimization isn’t just about connecting with links or keywords, another portion of it comes down to building up a local presence.  Almost all business directories provide a service to a specific portion of the planet.  By submitting to a directory, you are starting to connect you business with the location that you work.

Local SEO is most important to boosting search results on mobile devices.  Location based searches show local results before any other results.

A lot search engine optimization comes down to building up your presence.  Just the process of having a listing on a good directory will help to add to your internet presence.  But it won’t happen immediately.  The process of improving your search results can take up to several months, depending on how much work you put into boosting your search engine optimization.